The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Best Weapons Guide

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

While many think they don't need any help in playing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and understanding each of its complex mechanics, talking about the combat system, we might say a lot has changed after CD Projekt RED launched the patch 1.07.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

What you think could be a good weapon for your play style could not be any more, since its stats might have been changed with its level requirements as well. So, which are now the best weapons? Let's take a look at some of the potentially most useful among those currently available.

Wolven Swords

Level 14
Diagrams near Kaer Morhen
Increased sign intensity, more XP and Adrenaline points, bleeding

Enhanced Wolf Swords

Level 21
Diagrams at Crow's Perch and Kaer Morhen
Same bonuses as the basic ones but more intensity

Superior Wolven Swords

Level 29
Diagrams at Ard Skellig
Same bonuses as the basic ones but more intensity

Mastercrafted Wolf Swords

Level 34
Diagrams at Southern Velen
Final evolution of wolven weapons

Black Unicorn Relic Steel Sword

Level 46
Diagrams at Kaer Morhen, near the fortress
360-440 damage, bleeding, increased Aard intensity

Beann'shie Relic Steel Sword

Level 44
Hindarsfjall (Skellige)
351-429 damage, frost damage, armor piercing, increased Aard intensity

Gnomish Gwyhyr Steel Sword

Level 42
Novigrad, coming as a reward for a quest
329-403 damage, critical hit damage, poison, bleeding

Longclaw Relic Steel Sword

Level 37
Hindarsfjall (Skellige) – find a key and unlock the room for it
297-363 damage, + 30% Yrden Sign intensity w/some armor piercing.

Harpy Relic Silver Sword

Level 37
Velen – in a quest or close to Crow's Perch
427-523, bleeding

Weeper Relic Silver Sword

Level 31
Faroe or Hindarsfjall (Skellige)
369-451 damage, increased critical hit damage, more XP against monsters

Serpentine swords

Level 1 for the silver and 2 for the steel
White Orchard
Best starting weapons, more XP, poison

Griffin swords

Level 11
Increased XP and Aard sign intensity

Enhanced Griffin swords

Level 18
Southeastern Velen (west of Nilfgaardian camp) for silver; Western Velen (northwest from Condyle fast travel point)

Superior Griffin Swords

Level 26
Ard Skellig (in a cave east of Elverum Lighthouse) for silver; An Skellig, northwest of Urialla

Mastercrafted Griffin Swords

Level 34
Ard Skellig (East of Boxholm ruins) for steel; in a run-down tower across the lake from Fornhala
for silver

Feline swords

Level 17
Novigrad, in abandoned castles and ruins
More XP and damage

Enhanced Feline silver and steel swords

Silver – South of Novigrad's Oxenfurt Gate, inside a house; Steel – in a cave between Toderas fast
travel point and Reardon Manor

Superior Feline silver an steel swords

Level 29

Steel - Northeast of Novigrad, in a small cave; Silver – east from the Ursten fast travel point, in a cave

Ursine swords

Level 20
Ard Skellig
Steel – south of Pallisade; silver – north of Rogne
More XP and adrenalin points

Enhanced Ursine Bear Gear

Level 25
Steel - Prison Island, in Kaer Almhult; silver – Ard Skellig, in the basement of a castle north-east of
Kaer Gelen

Superior Ursine Swords

Level 30
Silver – in a cave south-west of the orphanage at Crookback Bog (Velen); steel – Ruined Tower,
north-east of Crookback Bog

Mastercrafted Ursine Swords

Level 34
Steel – in an unmarked cave north-west of Blackbough; silver – on a small island north-west of the
Road to Bald Mountain

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