Tips And Cheats For Hacking In Shadowrun: Hong Kong

Shadowrun: Hong Kong

After playing few stages in Shadowrun: Hong Kong, many people are facing an issue with hacking the mini-game or trying to unlock the mechanics of the hacking. To fix this issue here is a small but very useful tips for hacking in Shadowrun: Hong Kong.

Shadowrun: Hong Kong

When I started the Game as a Normal Decker(INT 5, Decking 5 and Novatech Slimcase -10), I had not used the Dyript and so have no idea about how the hacking will affect with Hard and Easy Difficulty. Had tried a few tricks on the logic of the hacking and it might buy more time, but will surely give you the End Result.


As you reach the Blocker IC in the Matrix you choose the "Hack the Blocker IC" option Where it Open a Hacking Screen type UI. This UI Screen is basically divided into 3 sections: The Main String, the String Pad(where you Enter the symbols) and the Numpad. 

Starting with Numpad, you have to repeat the order as the highlighting stops on the main screen. Every time you enter the sequence correctly you get a point and with each point the hack time increases(Check it on the main screen). You should have at least 50 sec to proceed and once you have 50 seconds then press "Next" to proceed with the hacking process.

Hint: Write down the sequence somewhere on the paper so that you have a correct sequence without missing any. The faster you do the better.

The Symbols:
Now you have to match the symbols from 'String Pad' to the 'Main Screen'. The time limit is what you had set in the Numpad(50 sec as per above example). Select it very carefully as you lose the portion of hack time when you place a wrong symbol. And if the time runs out 'You've lost'. 

Hint: You can return to Numpad and add more time to the Hack Screen.

Here is the Fix:
With 6 random symbols, the String is generated.If you find it hard then try naming the Symbols like I did below.(You can name the symbol as you want)

MV = 

WV = 

AD =  

TO =  

OV =  

Finding the String:

As we know the String is generated with 6 random symbols. The Symbols also may appear in random order so it's very important that symbol sequence does not change. So as the Symbols starts appear in the Main screen write down the symbol name which you have allotted in a piece of paper. Like for example. If you see 2 MV, AD then write down the same way MV, AD.

Note it down for each slot so that you are typing in simultaneously. Avoid mixing the symbols and slots. If you think you have mixed it then skip that one and jot the next one properly. It may seem overwhelming sometimes, but it will work.

Not that difficult right? If you have any doubts you can always ask them below in the comments section.

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