Until Dawn Ending Guide: How To Get Best/Good Ending

Until Dawn Good/Best Ending Guide

Welcome to the Until Dawn Best Ending Guide. This guide provides details on how to get Best Ending In Until Dawn i.e. All Eight Friends In The Game Survived till the end. In simple terms, to get the Best Ending or Good Ending (whatever you called it) in Until Dawn all eight characters in the game must be ALIVE at the end of the story. If you achieve this Best or Good ending in Until Dawn, you will achieve a total of four trophies: "The Quicker Man (Gold), They All Live (Gold), Four Daughters of Darkness (Gold) and Don't Scare Jessica To Death (Silver)".

Until Dawn Good/Best Ending Guide

Here are the steps to get the Good/Best Ending In Until Dawn:

How To Save Josh In Until Dawn:

You need to make Josh recognize his sister's tattoo, and to do this you must find "The Twins" clues. Here is our detail guide on Until Dawn Clues Location.

How To Save Jessica In Until Dawn:

First of all, make sure that Mike catches Jessica as soon as possible, without wasting any time after she gets dragged out of the cabin. Furthermore, make use of the riskiest paths and slide down the hill at the end. You will only hear from Jessica at Episode 9 in the mines. Whenever you get a chance make sure you hide with Jessica and don't run away from your attackers.

How To Save Matt In Until Dawn

Don't you dare attack the DEER, and also AVOID helping Emily when she's hanging off the tower? If it's tough for you to do that then I have a small and interesting tip for you: Just simply jump away/walk away from her.

How To Emily In Until Dawn:

It's pretty simple to save Emily in Until Dawn, just avoid messing with Emily's QTEs and in Episode 8 don't shoot her in Safe ROOM.

How To Save Ashley In Until Dawn:

Firstly, select the option to sacrifice Josh and not Ashley (saw blades). Later on, in Episode 9 just avoid the investigation of the noise in the mines with Ashley. Be with the rest of the group members.

How To Save Chris In Until Dawn:

The first step might sound a bit foolishness when Chris gets the GUN and is given a choice of either kill himself or Ashley, select the option to sacrifice yourself (Chris). Here is the trick, there is no bullet in the gun, when you pull the trigger it will FIRES blanks shoot, and so you will be safe. Don't aim the gun at Ashley because she will be the one who will open the door for Chris when he is chased by the Wendigo in Episode 8. Last but not the least, Completely avoid messing up with the QTEs of Chris.

How To Save Sam In Until Dawn:

Sam won't die until final cutscenes. So to save SAM all you have to do is complete all her QTEs at the end of episode 10 without making a mistake.

How To Save Mike:

Similar to SAM, Mike also cannot die until the final set of cutscenes. Just complete all his QTEs at the end of episode 10 without making a mistake. Also, at the end of episode 10, when SAM is given an option to either hit the light switch or help MIKE, select the option "HELP MIKE".

This is how you get GOOD/Best Ending in PlayStation 4 exclusive Until Dawn. If you need any help do let us know in the comment section below.

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