Until Dawn Ending Guide: How To Get Worst/Bad Ending

Until Dawn

Until Dawn is a game where eight friends are trapped on a remote mountain getaway which had gone wrong and then they suspect hat they were not the only one who are trapped in that mountain. In such fear and tension, you need to survive and take immediate decisions that could either risk your life or you might survive. Every decision the eight friends make while playing will slice a new unique story.

Until Dawn

The game has six different endings and one of them is the Worst/Bad ending. Got get this ending all the eight Friends(Josh, Jessica, Matt, Emily, Ashley, Chris, Sam and Mike) must die. Simply let everyone die and don't try to save them. Unfortunately, Sam and Mike will always survive till the end i.e. till Episode 10. You can try messing up with their decisions and they'll also die early in the game. 

Yes, that is a terrible ending, but hey guess what you are awarded "This Is The End" trophy. Also, as the game ends during the credits section you can see who everyone(Eight friends) died. If you want a Best/good ending you can check it Here.

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