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Until Dawn

As per the developer Supermassive Games, the game was designed with 6 different endings. Each Ending you get is because of the decisions you make during the game. The decision/choices which you make are forced to you to change the outcome of the game. This is nothing but the gameplay mechanics called the Butterfly Effects. This guide will explain all the Butterfly Effects in Until Dawn.

Until Dawn

With the Butterfly Effects, the certain character can cause death or change the relation between other characters. The game has a very strict auto-save process that will prevent players from reloading their previous save file if they regret an in-game decision they have made and need to change. The only way now to change you decision is by Restarting the game. The game has twenty-two choices that can change the game.

Any of You Business:
Where Sam makes the decision of whether or not she should see who's calling Chris or zip up his bag.  

Rats With Bushy Tails:
When Chris decides between shooting the bag or the squirrel at the shooting range.

The Soul of Discretion:
When Ashley speaks with Matt to look through the telescope to see Emily cheating on him with Mike, or informing him not to look through the telescope.

Whose Side Are You On:
When Matt backups Emily during her argument with Jessica or attempting to diffuse the argument.

Be Her Hero:
If Mike is opposing when he helps Jessica to find a way back up, she will not be impressed and refuse to have sex with him.

Something for Later:
If Sam shows Josh the baseball bat, she can use it later in her escape from The Killer if she is trapped in the boiler room.

To the Rescue:
The decision will be between Mike choosing the risky paths and hitting the QTEs, like saving Jessica, or between following the path, and let her die.

And Which One Will Die:
The decision will be Chris's choice between saving Ashley and Josh if they fall into a trap.

At What Price:
When Mike is at the sanatorium and Two of his fingers get caught in a bear trap. Now he is left with the decision to either amputate his fingers or manually open the bear trap with a machete(Blade).

Man's Best Friend:
The decision totally depends on how Mike interacts with a wolf at the sanatorium.

On the Same Page:
The decision has various possible outcomes depending on Matt if he decides to agree with Emily at the cable car station or If he agrees with Emily and he is given the flare gun, he will shoot it or If he does not agree with Emily and is given the flare gun, he will not shoot it and be able to use it later against a Wendigo if he tries to save Emily.

Run or Hide:
This will be a series of choices for Sam, when she tries to either run or hide from The Killer or If she runs instead of hiding under the bed, runs instead of hiding behind the shelf in the boiler room, and hide rather running down in the Old Mountain Hotel where she will escape. Or else, The Killer will trap her and use to bait Ashley and Chris.

In Self Defense:
When Matt decides whether or not to kill the deer that backed him and Emily to the edge of a cliff. If he tries to kill one or more of the deer then the herd will back Matt off the cliff and he have to take several fast-paced QTEs in order to save himself. If Matt does not kill any of the deer they will let him and Emily pass.

Who Gets the Gun:
When Emily either keeps the flare gun that she has found at the radio tower or gives the gun to Matt.

Save Yourself:
When Matt either attempts to help Emily or jumps to safety after the cables on the radio tower are cut.

Forewarned is Forearmed:
Totally depends on whether or not Matt was armed with the flare gun after Emily found a totem warning the player of his potential death.

Stick Together:
When Chris and Victor go to search for Josh. If Chris makes any noise when the Wendigo is out, Victor will be dead or if he misses critical QTE's after Victor is dead.

Point Blank:
In the mines, if Emily is bitten by a Wendigo, Mike will have the option to shoot her or not. If he does shoot her, she will die(obviously).

Once Bitten:
If Mike does not shoot Emily when she was bitten by a Wendigo. Ashley insists Mike to shoot Emily or else Emily will turn into a Wendigo and kill whoever is left in the lodge. And If Mike does not shoot Emily, Emily will later shove Ashley out of anger for telling Mike to shoot her.

Left Behind:
Matt and Jessica being alive or dead depends on If Jessica is still alive, but Matt has been killed, she will be left to wander the mines alone. Vice versa for Mike.

Important Discovery:
Depends on whether or not Sam discovers a recording that says Hannah has transformed into a Wendigo. If not then Josh will be killed by the Hannah Wendigo when he is alone with Mike.

The Result of Chaos:
Depends on who is still alive at the end of each player's respective play through of the game.

Hope this guide was useful and you have experienced the Butterfly effects in the game.

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