Shadowrun: Hong Kong Hidden Achievements Guide

Shadowrun: Hong Kong

Shadowrun: Hong Kong will be the most remarkable Shadowrun RPG game so far. Shadowrun is a third party standalone game with all newly expanded magic and cyberwear, new crew, new complete revamped Matrix. There are many hidden achievements in the game and here how to unlock the hidden achievements in Shadowrun: Hong Kong.

Shadowrun: Hong Kong

The list below is all about hidden achievements and how to unlock them. There are few *SPOILERS* Ahead, so read at your own risk.

Achievements via Positive Route:

They are not worth it
How to unlock - Without killing anyone complete the City of Darkness 

How to unlock - Need to recruit Gaichu

Just a Pawn
How to unlock - Let the Plastic-Faced man get away.

I don't get paid enough for this
How to unlock - Let the last of Tsang's guard get away.

Make Amends
How to unlock - Let Raymond sacrifice himself

Achievements via Sadistic Route:

Screw the Job
How to unlock - At least Kill 1 Yellow Lotus in City of Darkness

By the Book?
How to unlock - Kill Gaichu

Taste like Chicken
How to unlock - Need to Eat raw meat and drink blood at Gaichu's quarter and Ma's apartment

Breaking Law
How to unlock - Convince Law to leave or kill him

Wrong Order
How to unlock - Poison Talon

Wouldn't want to be that guy
How to unlock - by Applying Burning, Poisoned, and Bleeding to the same enemy while all three effects are active

No Mercy
How to unlock - Kill the Plastic Faced Man

This is Just One City
How to unlock - Accept Qian Ya's deal for 14 years of fortune

God Puncher
How to unlock - Punch Qian Ya in her face

Monster Squad
How to unlock - Take Gaichu with you in the final mission and Spare Ku Feng.

Achievements via Exploration Route:

Just in case
How to unlock - Get all the pips in Password phase while hacking a blocker IC

Punching Deck
How to unlock - Get a Pay data through hacking a Highly Secured (7+) Blocker IC

No Stone Unturned
How to unlock - Explore everything at core matrix of Tsang's company

Memory Lane
How to unlock - Complete Is0bel's side quest, and talk to her in the end

Post Human, Seven Times a Ronin, Lesson Learned
How to unlock - Finish Racter, Gaichu or Gobbet's side quest

Good Fortune
How to unlock - Complete Is0bel's side quest, learn Raymond's family fight breaking line, learn about Yama King from Crafty and convince Qian Ya to return

Pyrrhic Victory
How to unlock - Convince Qian Ya to take Raymond with her

Welcome to the Shadows
How to unlock - Get killed on Day 1

Shoot Straight
How to unlock - Hit an enemy with at most 30% Accuracy

Wait For It
How to unlock - Cause a DoT death (Poisoning, bleeding, etc.)

I feel good
How to unlock - Heal 30 health from one Heal Wound spell.

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