MGSV: The Phantom Pain - How to Build the Forward Operating Bases Guide

MGSV: The Phantom Pain

In MGSV: The Phantom Pain, you need to collect the objects such as diamonds, shipping containers, and Blueprint boxes to upgrade your Mother base. There are several ways to gather resources, money and one of the Easiest way to gather them is by building the FOB(Forward Operating Bases). This Guide will provide you all the details about the FOB and how to protect it from the infiltration. 

MGSV: The Phantom Pain

What is FOB?
The Forward Operating Bases in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is nothing but the outposts of your Mother base. These outposts bring more resources and money to the base and they also work independently. You can Build only a few of them but unlike the Mother Base, these outposts are easily influenced bu the enemies/attackers. So you better know how to defend your own Outposts/FOB.

How to Build an FOB?
There are few things you should know about before you start building an FOB. This outpost needs available resources like if you see the amount shown in the chart, each is ranked by Letters where S is the Best then comes A..b.. etc. Done with the resources, now you need to select a suitable location to build which also depends on your resources. To start building you require MB Coins which can be earned during the single player game or you have an option by Konami - to Buy them with the Real Money(if you need to rush). 

As you progress in the game and have a plot of the ocean bed, you can easily start constructing the FOB and focus more on its defense. The Cannons, security cameras, drones, motion detectors and others can by attached on the base. You should follow the same process you used to build the Mother Base.

How to Defend FOB?
As you FOB starts generating the resources and money, it will be suspected by the other player and they will try to attack and loot the bases. They will also try and steal the equipment, resources and even staff and if you're online during this raid you'll be notified and you can try to stop them and defend your base. If you are offline then the defense you have designed will do the work for you.

If you are offline and your friend are online then they might help to defend your FOB. This Attack/infiltration will stay active from 25 minutes. If you outpost defends successfully against the attack then you have a chance to strike back on them else if you lost to defend the outpost then the attacker will be rewarded with a material. There is a feature where you can replay the attacks and learn where and what changes you need to make to upgrade and add the defence.

Attacking FOB Strategy:
As we all know, nobody is going to have a good defence for the outposts from the start. The best way to attack the FOB and win guarantee is when the opponent is offline because for a live defender(Online) you need to give your best to win. 

All you need to do is to bluff your opponent by misleading so you can take him down with ease and raid all his FOB, Fultoning containers, equipment and staffs.


How Do I Start FOBs?

Many Gamepur readers asked us about How To Start FOBs? many of them haven't received the option to create one yet. I would like to update a point here that you will receive the option to create one after Completing Mission 22.

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