MGS V: The Phantom Pain - Where to find Quiet, Her Special Abilities and How to use her on field and more

MGS V: The Phantom Pain

Buddies in MGSV: The Phantom Pain is a special associate( a fellow soldier) who will follow and support you during the Battle. Quiet is one of the buddies companion in the game. Same as the other buddies, you can take her to help you during the mission/battle. She shares her separate storyline in this game and a handful of unique skill sets used during the battle. Here is the complete information about QUIET you need to know.


Who is Quiet?
An attempt by engineers to create a perfect soldier, QUIET was experimented with different viruses that gave her special supernatural abilities. The First time you see her in the game is at the very beginning where she tries to Assassinate the Big Boss(Venom Snake) and fails. Later she was been captured and taken to the Mother Base by the Diamond Dogs. Big Boss refuses to killer her when Miller suggested to do so and keep her onboard. After you finish the story mode in a game you will again a glimpse of her storyline as she leave you after mission 43.

What are Quiet's Abilities?
Quiet is best at sniping with all her supernatural powers. She can almost turn invisible as she moves so fast. You can always ask her to scout an area and she will take all the enemies within her range. Or select a sniper spot her for her and she will do the rest. You can ask her to shoot people provide you are taking cover or while throwing grenades. 

Her hearing quality is 10 times better than normal human as well as her eye-sight is unchanged no matter it is day or night. But, the only weakness she shares is water. The parasites in Quiet acts abnormal to water and hence she cannot focus or use her full strength/power. Likewise, she also reacts to rains and to keep a close eye on the weather as they are dynamic.

You can ask Quiet either to follow you or catch a designated sniper spot. She will wait for your instructions. A line of green laser indicates her sight line, this shows where is she looking at. 'Shoot This (Grenade Ricochet)' is her special ability where she shoots grenades after you throw it, making it explode more with the target. Try this with various Types of grenades(frag, gas, smoke).

What are Quiet's Weapons?
There are several weapon Quiet can use throughout the game but, she uses the sniper in the battle at her best. you need to build and upgrade snipers at your mother base so she can use it on the field. Once the sniper is available she'll customize and name each one by herself for example Wicked Butterfly (Remove ICKX with a laser sight). Ask her to use the tranquilizer darts instead of bullets for a non-lethal mission.

What are Quiet's Costumes?
There is a variety of costumes available for Quiet in the game. But even with the variety people still likes her to play with the costume that they have seen in trailers. An Optional uniform 'Sniper Wolf' can be unlocked in the game. Her Hair might change in the game(unofficial info).

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