Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain: How to Find the Specialist Locations

Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain

In Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain, there are five Specialist which can help you craft higher level weapons, gears, and vehicles and used during your play through. The Specialists are nothing but unique soldiers that can be found in certain missions. Here are the exact locations of all five Specialists in Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain. 

Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain

Gunsmith (Shotguns)
This Legendary Gunsmith can be found back at Afghanistan Central Base Camp(Main Mission 4). You can extract him with ease as he is only guarded with three enemies and for this mission, Tranquilizer pistol with silencer is all that you need. Kill the guards and extract the gunsmith without alerting others. He is a Specialist who creates/unlocks more shotguns at the Mother Base.

Bionics Specialist
This guy can also be extracted during the mission where you need to save an engineer from the enemies and extract him through a hole in the basement if you are feeling up to it(Extra Bonus Objective).

Radar Specialist
This guy can be found during the Red Brass Main Mission, where you need to extract the three commanders(One is in Da Shago Kallai, another is Wake Sind Barracks and there is a third in Da Wialo Kallai). Tranq each and everyone and check the stats, one of them is the Radar Specialist.

Electrospinning Specialist
In the 'Backup, Back Down' mission 9, you need to take down the Armored Vehicles and tons of enemies in that area. A prisoner escort vehicle will appear after destroying two of the vehicles. Extract him and you will get this specialist. 

Transport Specialist
The most missed specialist in the game is the Transport Specialist. During Main mission 10, 'Angel With Broken Wings' you need to act very quick to extract this guy or else you will miss him. He is located on the second floor near the prisoner. The best way to extract is using the D-Dog to scout the area and locate the specialist.  

Cybernetics Specialist:
Cybernetics Specialist is a specialist with a unique skill as he can upgrade your Prosthetic arm. During Main Mission 9, 'Backup, Back Down', you need to head south from Wakh Sind Barracks until you reach the 15th outpost, take left towards the narrow Mountain. You will Notice an escaped prisoner is walking uphill. Extract the prisoner with the Fulton device. The Prisoner is none other than the Cybernetics Specialist.

Zoologist Specialist:
Zoologist Specialist can be found in the south of Mfinda Oilfields, northwest of Ditati Abandoned Village at "Kiziba Camp". During Main Mission 14, 'Lingua Franca', you need wait uphill until the soldiers start interrogating with the Zoologist(inside the cage). As soon as she is out of the cage with the guards, take care of the guards and extract her with Fulton to the Mother Base. She is a staff with unique skills to build weapons/items which will help you extract the rare animal species.

Anesthesia Specialist
This one is very special, you can either find him with the Transport Specialist during your Main Mission 10: Angel with Broken Wings or in the second camp where you need to sneak around the back and crawl through the grate to the Prisoner area. There are two prisoners locked behind the door. You'll get them out and extract them. One of the Prisoner is Anesthesia Specialist and the Other is Mechatronics Specialist

Trap Specialist
The Trap specialist possess a unique trap skill and you will find him during you Main Mission 15 Footprints Of Phantoms. He'll be prisoner just below the main targets of the mission. There are 5 guards you need to take down before you extract him from there. A silenced weapon is enough to complete this mission.

Metarnaterials Specialist
This one is a bit tricky, you'll get a chance to capture him during the Main Mission 17: Rescue the Intel Agents. So this one could be at one of the three location in Kiziba Camp. You need to be quick to avoid any reinforcements joining the fight. Just make sure no one is within 50 meters of they will see him going up and go on alert and need to use a chopper to get him out.

Electromagnetic Net Specialist
You can find him in Shago Village(Da Shago kallai) and try to extract this guy before the CIA agent just so you know. Simply enter through the front entrance, near the building. Take the two guards near the entrance first and one near a turret. Once you're through the guards grab the prisoner and get him out(extract) to continue with the Main Mission.

Rocket Control Specialist 1
This one is the easiest capture, during your Main Mission 21, you'll find this prisoner just outside the Palace. The objective here is to get to the CIA guy before the enemy does in the desert. So first get the CIA out to avoid failing the mission and then check out the Lamar Palace to the north. This Mission will be good to take it a night as it will help you locate the enemies easily.

Rocket Control Specialist 2 
During Main Mission 38: Extraordinary, quickly head towards the mission item and keep the enemies away from your sight. Or Else you can clear it out as the camp isn’t all that well protected. And get the prisoner from the Spugmay Keep, East Guard Post and extract him as you'll not get a second chance in the game to grab him.

Video Surveillance Specialist
During Main Mission 26, you'll find him as one of four prisoners in Ditadi Abandoned Village. If he is not there than interrogate a soldier to the get location of the rest. Try Sneaking for this little one but, if you're noticed then you might need to fight and get him so be prepared accordingly.

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