How To Unlock Gray Fox "Cyborg Ninja" Costume For Big Boss In MGS V: The Phantom Pain

Cyborg Ninja Costume In MGS V: The Phantom Pain

Are you tired of Big Boss's outfit? Well, let's change it. MGSV: The Phantom Pain has a collection of costumes/outfits that can be unlocked for different characters. The Cyborg Ninja(Grey Fox) is one of the outfits from Metal Gear Solid 1 which can be used for Big Boss in the Phantom Pain. Here is how you will unlock it in the game.

Cyborg Ninja Costume In MGS V: The Phantom Pain

How to unlock Grey Fox Outfit?

To unlock Cyborg Ninja(Grey Fox) outfit, you should have your R&D(Research and development) team level 40+ at your Mother Base. If you have already had R&D level 40 then you should retrieve the Key Item from the Grand Master Certificate. Once you have obtained these two criteria then, you are eligible to build Cyborg Ninja Suit. It will cost you about 460,000 GMP.

What Does Cyborg Ninja Suit Do?

Once you Suit up the Cyborg Ninja(Grey Fox) then it will boost your speed(Sprinting) and Jump distance by 30%. Now you can run and jump more than normal, so this suit really helps to boost your gameplay. Check the Image below to see the Cyborg Ninja in action.

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