MGS V: The Phantom Pain Rare, Super and Ultra Rare Animals in Afghanistan and Africa

MGS V: The Phantom Pain

You must have notice there are various different animal species in the game. There are 47 different species in total, where 19 are common, 7 uncommon, 10 Rare, 9 Super Rare and 2 Ultra Rare animal across Afghanistan and Africa. This guide will show all the Rare, Super and Ultra Rare Animals in Afghanistan and Africa for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

MGS V: The Phantom Pain

Location: Afghanistan

Rare Animals in Afghanistan

Afghan Pika:
Afghan Pika looks similar to guinea pig. This one can be found in Northern Kabul and you need to put up some cages for this little pika. Check the Map for the exact location.

mgsv-pp-afghanistan-piku-1.jpg mgsv-pp-afghanistan-piku-2.jpg

Brown Bear:
This one can be found at the mountains of Northern Kabul and can be captured easily. You need one precise headshot with tranq gun to take this one down. Check the Map for the exact location.

mgsv-pp-afghanistan-MBear-1.jpg mgsv-pp-afghanistan-MBear-2.jpg

Sand Cat:
You can never find these species roaming around as they always dig their nest underground. So you might find them captured in the cages the location shown below in the map.

mgsv-pp-afghanistan-Sand-Cat-1.jpg mgsv-pp-afghanistan-Sand-Cat-2.jpg

Black Stork:
You can find the Black Stork in both the areas of Afghanistan and in Africa. For the better effect and view try using the cages near the LZ in the location shared below. 

mgsv-pp-afghanistan-Black-Stork-1.jpg mgsv-pp-afghanistan-Black-Stork-2.jpg

Red Fox:
To see one of the Red Foxes all you need to do is set up the cages on the place and fly away. later you'll notice at least one near the cage.

mgsv-pp-afghanistan-Red-Fox-1.jpg mgsv-pp-afghanistan-Red-Fox-2.jpg

Super Rare Animals in Afghanistan

Himalayan Brown Bear:
This Brown Bear can always be found at the mountain pass where the roads connect, Wakh Sind Barracks to Qarya Sakhra Ee in the south, and from Aabe Shifap Ruins to Serak Power Plant in the north. You'll also have a chance to extract him during the Side Op #48 'Capture The Legendary Brown Bear' where it will take more than 6 to 8 shots to take him down(to sleep).

mgsv-pp-afghanistan-HBear-1.jpg mgsv-pp-afghanistan-HBear-2.jpg

Fly to the LZ and place cages up the hill and wait for the Caracal to appear. He is one of the cutest animals. Check the Image below for the exact location.

mgsv-pp-afghanistan-Caracal-1.jpg mgsv-pp-afghanistan-Caracal-2.jpg

Blandford's Fox:
The is a Rare and a different type of Fox which is located close to LZ near the ruins. TO check him out place cages in the location show in the image below. 

mgsv-pp-afghanistan-Blandford-Fox-1.jpg mgsv-pp-afghanistan-Blandford-Fox-2.jpg

Ultra Rare Animals in Afghanistan

There are no Ultra Rare animals in Afghanistan...

Location: Africa

Rare Animals in Africa

African Wild Dog:
This one can be found in Angola-Zaire Border Region and you can find him during day time. It is extremely rare that you find him during Night. Check the Map for the exact location.

mgsv-pp-africa-Fox-1.jpg mgsv-pp-africa-Fox-2.jpg

Martial Eagle:
This one is near the Munoko ya Nioka Station and use a capture cage to see this rare Eagle.

mgsv-pp-africa-Martial-Eagle-1.jpg mgsv-pp-africa-Martial-Eagle-2.jpg

Rock Hyrax:
Rock Hyrax is always found near the rocks and rocky surfaces and capture this one as well with the cages. Check the image below for the exact location.

mgsv-pp-africa-Rock-Hyrax-1.jpg mgsv-pp-africa-Rock-Hyrax-2.jpg

Namaqua Chameleon:
The second cutest animal in the MGS5: The Phantom Pain and check the image below for the exact location.

mgsv-pp-africa-Namaqua-Chameleon-1.jpg mgsv-pp-africa-Namaqua-Chameleon-2.jpg

African Bullfrog:
This frog can be captured with placing some cages in the river. And he mostly spawns in the and near the water surface. Check the image below for the exact location.

mgsv-pp-africa-African-Bullfrog-1.jpg mgsv-pp-africa-African-Bullfrog-2.jpg

Super Rare Animals in Africa

You can count Okapi as a living fossil as these species are so rare they are impossible to find. The one which we noticed was wandering around in northern plains, between Mfinda Oilfield and Kiziba Camp(Angola). Although these are very rare species but, once you found it is very easy to extract, they don't even run even you are nearby.

mgsv-pp-africa-okapi-1.jpg mgsv-pp-africa-okapi-2.jpg

Tree Pangolin:
Place all the cages right next to the LZ and leave. Soon you check BOOM! that's the Pangolin. Check the image below for the exact location.

mgsv-pp-africa-Tree-Pangolin-1.jpg mgsv-pp-africa-Tree-Pangolin-2.jpg

African Civet:
To get this one is a bit tricky but you can make it by Flying to LZ and place cages right next to it. Check the image below for the exact location.

mgsv-pp-africa-African-Civet-1.jpg mgsv-pp-africa-African-Civet-2.jpg

Marsh Mongoose:
This one spawns near the water in marshes and simply Place your cages  LZ around 400m away from that place. Check the image below for the exact location.

mgsv-pp-africa-Marsh-Mongoose-1.jpg mgsv-pp-africa-Marsh-Mongoose-2.jpg

Honey Badger:
Check the image below for the exact location. Place all the cages on that location and leave.

mgsv-pp-africa-Honey-Badger-1.jpg mgsv-pp-africa-Honey-Badger-2.jpg

This one is a Super Rare so it only obtained during SIDE OP 50. 


Ultra Rare Animals in Africa

A legendary snake living in the marshy lands. Check the image below for the exact location.

mgsv-pp-africa-Tsuchinoko-1.jpg mgsv-pp-africa-Tsuchinoko-2.jpg

This one is an Ultra Rare species so it only obtained during SIDE OP 50


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