MGS V The Phantom Pain: How To Farm 7500 Fuel, 500 Precious Metal, 4000 Minor Metal Every 3 Minutes

MGS V: The Phantom Pain

Reddit user N7Christian has shared a very useful Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain tip in case you want to fasten the process of upgrading your Mother Base with some extra in-game credits. According to the tip, you will gain 7500 fuel, 500 precious metal, 4000 minor metal every three minutes, without any particular effort.

MGS V: The Phantom Pain

Here's how you can do it: read each point of the list below or, if you don't mind any spoiler from the Mission 12, watch the video at the end of this news.

Step 1:

First off you need the Wormhole fulton upgrade

Step 2:

Next, load up Mission 12: Hellbound (I recommend unequipping everything you don't need ie costumes, buddies, weapons etc to save some GMP)

Step 3:

Skip the cutscenes and turn around and go back to where Sahelanthropus was

Step 4:

Take out the 2 guards on patrol and go upstairs to your left where you see the containers

Step 5:

After fultoning all 3 jump down to the Intel file and skip that cutscene

Step 6:

After that's complete go back to the last checkpoint

Step 7:

Now hit Abort mission and go back to the ACC

Step 8:

Done! Now comes the hard part which is waiting for all the materials to be processed. I'd leave the game on in the background while you're at work or at school or whatever it is you do.


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