How to Unlock FOBs without any Invasion in MGS V: The Phantom Pain

MGS V: The Phantom Pain

To Unlock FOBs without invasion you need make sure you have not completed Main Mission 22 in the game or if you have already did then see that you haven't beaten the mock-infiltration. You have your saved games backed up right? Restart you save file which have not completed mission 22. Now Follow the steps given below in the guide to get you FOB without any invasion in MGS V: The Phantom Pain.

MGS V: The Phantom Pain

If you're still searching for your Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain save game then ask from your friends. And Follow the steps as you continue from the save game mission 21.

Step 1:
You'll be starting with Main Mission 21, complete this mission and you'll get a call about an invasion at your Mother Base which is for Mission 22.

Step 2:
Now accept the Mother Base and successfully complete Mission 22. After completing the mission the game will prompt you to purchase as FOB, so get one. Those who have alredy completed and purchased earlier in the game will not have to do it again.

Step 3:
Now another prompt appears on screen which asks you to start the tutorial about the mock-infiltration. DO NOT START THE TUTORIAL.

Note: This is the plan that we never start with the TUTORIAL, but we do have started the FOB.  

Step 4:
You need to Close/break the internet connecting in order to close the forced tutorial screen.

Step 5:
It is Done :) Enjoy

Points to Note:

  • Never complete the tutorial.
  • If the game automatically starts the tutorial then break the internet to close the screen.
  • Repeat this process 5 times and it will never prompt again.
  • Keep pressing Esc and Enter to Continue if you are at your ACC to break the connection.
  • If you want to connect online then select the Mother Base, or connect during a mission, side ops, or free roam.

Hope this guide helped you with your FOB. 

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