Destiny Patch 2.0 MegaGuide: List Of All Bugs, Glitches and Errors

Destiny Patch 2.0 Mega Guide

Recently, Bungie released Destiny Patch 2.0. The update add ton of exciting new features and fixed numerous bugs. However, many new issues and bugs were found since the release of Destiny Patch 2.0. The mega list below shows new bugs, glitch and errors discovered by Destiny players.

Destiny Patch 2.0 Mega Guide


  • The "A Light in the Dark" exotic bounty is not allowing some users to pick up Thorn from the Speaker. For those that can, the bounty notification will not be resolved and will be stuck with the Speaker. There also seems to be some evidence as to why it is still there.
  • Hakke Test Sniper Bounty can erroneously be completed by getting double kills with No Land Beyond while Hakke is in the Special Weapon slot.


  • Weapon UI Bug in Will of Crota Strike.
  • Queenbreaker's Bow has an item description error. It states that it carries 3 rounds in the magazine in the tooltip, but actually holds 6 in the in-game HUD


  • Year 2 Ruin Wings perk Rocket Loader tooltip just reads "Rocket Loader". This is inconsistent with other perk tooltips.
  • Voidfang Vestments only provide one grenade on recharge to Sunsingers in PVP who have the "Gift of the Sun" (two grenades) perk in the skilltree


  • Various preexisting class items have very low defense levels, while newly dropped post 2.0 of the same items have much higher defense. Example: Preexisting Dread's Enmity has 3 defense, but a newly dropped one has 170


  • The Cryptarch is consuming green engrams, but giving nothing in return for some users.


  • In the character selection and load-out screen, when previewing your Guardian with the Helmet off, the Male Warlocks have their head models tilted upwards whereas it is perfectly fine for the Female Warlocks and other classes


  • Having multiple status effects up at once can cause the Destiny application to crash.

Other Miscellaneous Bug:


  • Some Vanguard bounties can be completed in Crucible, such as the 10,000 XP without dying, 30 kills without taking damage, etc.
  • The 10,000 XP bounty is getting stuck at various percentages for some users.
  • Unable to turn in Vanguard Missive Bounty.
  • Vanguard bounty "Hand of Thunder" inconsistently counts Arc kills.
  • Users with multiple Elder Ciphers on the same character before 2.0 only received one exotic on that character once 2.0 dropped.


  • Some Quests are not being shown as completed until player goes to orbit.
  • Defender Subclass quest requiring kills within the Ward of Dawn is not functioning properly. Grenade and charged melee kills count, but kills within the Ward of Dawn do not.
  • "Kill the Gate Lord" Questline can be bugged, where the quest continues to ask for the player to kill the Gatelord, even if he/she has already done so.


  • Audio FX/Music cuts out in the middle of firefights.


  • When dropped, sword randomly disappears. Any explosion near sword also seems to make it disappear.
  • Endless Gatekeeper spawn bug.
  • Crota Leg Armor does not provide "Swordbearer's Touch" when sword is picked up.
  • One user was unable to activate Fireborn while in Raid after death.


  • Rift Bug- If two players start picking up the Spark at the same time, it can duplicate.
  • Crucible fireteams are being split up after successive games. 50% goes to Alpha, 50% goes to Bravo. May be related to the "Breaking up those teams for a better match" message.
  • Widow's Court destination flavor text is incorrect. Instead of "Widow's Court European Dead Zone", it says "Widow's Court widow's court".


  • Grenades while in Radiance sometimes freeze and do not recharge for a few seconds. Further testing shows this may just be because of abysmally low Discipline levels. A video supporting this claim would put this rumor to rest.


  • Patience and Time Custom Optics not working properly.
  • Vex erroneously stating it has a 3-round magazine in the tooltip.
  • Pocket Infinity stills goes in single-fire mode. This has been a long-standing issue...
  • While Necrochasm is equipped, activating the ghost menu does not show the ghost.
  • Perks that affect magazine size (Casket Mag, Extended Mag, Smallbore, Braced Frame, etc.) are bugged in the tooltip. These weapons still get a magazine change in the in-game HUD, just not in the weapon tooltip.
  • Lord of Wolves "Devil's Touch" tooltip still reads +3 recovery to allies, even though the 2.0 patch notes stated it should now provide +5.
  • Hard Light has a pulse rifle reload animation, but an auto rifle reload sound. Is this new to 2.0?
  • For one user, Hard Light would stop firing in full auto if the trigger is held.
  • The Monte Carlo perk "Monte Carlo Method" appears to be activating far less than before 2.0. We have yet to determine whether this is a balance feature or a bug, as it was not mentioned in the patch notes.
  • Bad Juju no longer has a soft green glow.
  • Praedyth's Timepiece "Secret Round" perk appears to have no effect. Users report that it no longer only takes two rounds from the magazine and does not fire a fourth round.
  • This is an old bug, but Truth still says it only holds 2 rockets in the tooltip, when it really holds 3.
  • Necrochasm and Vex Mythoclast have higher ATK values up to 177 if purchased from Blueprints.


  • Several class items have now changed colors, including the Cloak of the Exile and the Cloak of Exodus.


  • Some promotional shaders and emblems (codes) are not being unlocked.
  • The emblem "Ab Aeterno" doesn't appear in the emblem kiosk.


  • Exo Dance appears to be broken for some users. Those robots just need some more oil in their joints...


  • Cryptarch Rank lost after update.
  • Reef Cryptarch shows double icons for Glimmer consumables, but only rewards Glimmer for one.
  • Large amounts of Glimmer lost when switching characters after update.
  • If Ghost inventory is full, newly acquired Ghosts do not go to postmaster.
  • Some users have been unable to access the Gunsmith testing weapons on one of their alt characters.
  • Vanguard Armory pre-order pack weapons for pre-ordering original Destiny can no longer be purchased from the Vanguard Quartermaster. This may be working as intended.
  • Fourth Horseman doesn't appear in Year 1 Blueprints.


  • Items in the "General" tab are greyed out, but can still be retrieved/stored. They should have 'active' style state.


  • Pledged faction reputation not showing in game UI. Must go to quest mission. Verification incoming...


  • Sprint now overrides ADS. It used to be ADS overrides sprint.
  • This UI bug has been around for a while, but when there are multiple status effects active at once, the UI can only show 4 effects at once. This currently affects the Skolas fight, but may affect future Taken King events as well. Might be tied to the multiple status effect crashing bug.


  • Audio cuts out after multiple bounty submissions.
  • Audio sometimes cuts in and out after returning to Tower.
  • Audio switches between the Dinklage and Nolandriod in Patrol/Strikes.
  • Audio while inserting/removing items from vault is inconsistent and is sometimes missing entirely.
  • Ghost randomly stops talking for the rest of the Strike. Specific strike observed was Dust Palace.
  • Patrol mission voice (Zavala, Cayde-6) cuts in and out while firing Queenbreaker's Bow.


  • [PS3] Frame rate drops significantly in certain areas and while certain effects are present.
  • [X1-PS4] Activating the Ward of Dawn during a heavy firefight can cause the Destiny application to freeze, crash, or get booted to orbit. Further testing by users seems to indicate that Weapons of Light can reproduce error more reliably, but can occur no matter what perk you are using.


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