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Mad Max

The game is based on the Mad Max film series and is an open world third-person action-adventure vehicular combat video game. Max with partnership Chumbucket(mechanic) sets out on the base of the Opus in search of food, water, allies, upgrades, and redemption in a world devoid of sanity. This Mad Max guide will provide you walkthroughs for all the missions in the game. How to complete with missions like a piece of cake.

Mad Max


Mission 1: Feral Man
Like any other third-person action-adventure game, the first missions always start with the tutorial for the game. Introduction to some of the game mechanics such as jump, run, shoot and how to fight. You'll meet Chumbucket for the first time and he'll help you find and build a car replacement and even joins you during your missions and will fix the car till the time you perform combats on the ground. 

To start with: Walk straight towards the boat and grab some water to drink. Then go down to meet Chumbucket for the first time and the cut scene starts. Have some food, run up to the cave, grab a gun and get ready for your first fight. After completing the first fight now go down the mountain, have another couple of fights. Grab the lead for Chumbucket and scavenge. Just go back to Chumbucket, follow him to his vehicle and Drive to the lookout point, watch the cut scene. It's Complete and well done on finishing the first mission. 

Mission 2: Magnus Otus
So you start running out of fuel on the way to the graveyard. Go to the first location and search for fuel and the gas tank is empty. Now head to the second location, there you'll find fuel, grab a tank and fill up the Magnus Otus. From here you need to go back and get another tank to store in the back of your car(needed later). Go to the Graveyard and use the extra fuel tank to blow up the gate and enter the compound. Take care of the hooks and fire hooks on chains that swing left and right trying to hit you. Once you reach the bottom you will notice a path to your right and work your way up the path. You'll come across a zip line that you need to use and enter the next tunnel. 

As you work your way up the tunnel, you'll find a torch on a body and then continue to work your way to the top to the next zip line. You should refill your water cantina and have a drink to get your health up before you head up via zip line and now it's time to pick your Magnus Otus cover/shell and after you have picked your cover/shell you'll come across a fight. Once the fight is over, the Graveyard starts exploding so head towards the right of where you selected your cover/shell and break the valve to lower the bridge and then head over the bridge. You need to kick the stairs and make you way down to Chumbucket. Get in your Magnus Otus and head out of the Graveyard where you will be chased, so feel free and have fun with the road out and over the jump. 

Mission 3: Righteous Work
Just after fixing your car in Chumbucket's hideout or either on the road, you need to scavenge some scraps around the hideout. Now head to Cumbuckets bed to search the harpoon hook from under his mattress. Go to the Wasteland and take down three scarecrows(they are shown on the map), but one is front of you as you are out of the hideout. The other is on the right of the first one and third to the left. Two of the scarecrows you can just drive over, but the one of the left you will need to use the harpoon gun to take this down. After you take down all three scarecrows you need to follow the map to a lookout point to survey the compound. Use your binoculars to look at the three key areas, there are the flame pipe, sniper and war crier. Now it is time to head to the compound. The first thing to do is use the harpoon gun on the sniper or lookout tower, Take out the fuel canister and finally use the harpoon on the gate to access the compound.

Once inside the compound, you will have a fight and take out the war crier. Now Make your way through the compound, scavenging loot and fighting a few foes along the way.
After you reach the top, take out the oil pump and head up the steps in front of the oil pump then turn right towards the compound. Kick the door down and to your left you'll notice a fuel tank. Not just Take it and place in front of the oil pump, ignite it and the cutscene starts. Now you've to leave the compound, so you can either go back the same way you came or there is a zip line. The zip line is just behind you as you finish the cutscene, climb up the ladder and then zip down and make your way back to Chumbucket. Follow the map's navigation, meet griffer and select some skills, then head back down. Your flare gun to signal Chumbucket and pick you up as he had moved the car. Enjoy new nitro out and smashing a few cars that turn up to try.

Mission 4: Into Madness
Head to Chumbucket's hideout and the cut scene will start and now head off to meet Jeet. After you get to Jeet's territory, another cutscene begins and pick up the sniper rifle part. Now head out of the compound and shoot some targets. Now it's time to head to Dead Barrens pass and test out the sniper rifle skills for real. As you arrive, A lighthouse to your left guarded with two snipers, the first is on the lower platform and the second on the top platform. Once they have taken down in the lighthouse to enter the compound.

Head up the ladders and steps until your fight scene. Once done now go to the wooden steps in front of you and follow them round. You need to Grab some water for health or to refill your water canister. Work your way up the ladders and round the lighthouse, once you reach the top there is a last cutscene of the mission. Now you need to head down the zip line and back to Chumbucket to finish the mission.

Stay Tuned.... This guide will be updated soon as we run through more of the main missions in Mad Max

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