Destiny: The Taken King Best Hadium Flake Farming Location Discovered

Destiny: The Taken King Hadium Flakes

Hadium Flakes in Destiny: The Taken King is a interesting thing, if you get successful in reforing it then you will have access to one of the three legendary swords. This item can be found by players exclusively in Chests on the Dreadnaught. The best possible location to farm Hadium Flake in Destiny: The Taken King has been discovered. Once you get 25 of them, you will be able to get one of the three legendary swords.

Destiny: The Taken King Hadium Flakes

One of the best farming location for Hadium Flakes has been shown below. The chests usually appear in each of the locations showcased in the video but sometimes, they might only be in one or two, rather than all of the locations that is showcased.

Another new location is in the area known as "The Mausoleum". If you just run around the entire outside rim there's 6 possible chests. You start in the back left (if you're facing away from the enormous pit), and you end up back there also. Takes about 30-45s to run around all 6 chests, then you go back into the back left corner, up a ramp until the next area's name loads, and then there's a possible chest to your left to check, and then you run back down and repeat.


Yet another video showing another locaion to farm Hadium Flake.

This Youtube user says that this is really a good farming spot for farming Hadium flakes and Wormspores the chest and Warmspores spots respawn very quick by doing this method of farming. He got around 30 Hadium flakes and 25 Wormspores every 15 minutes.

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