Destiny: The Taken King Guide On How To Finish The Taken War: Petra Mission

Destiny: The Taken King Petra Guide

At a first look, The Taken War: Petra could seem way too easy and simple, just another Destiny mission. That's not exactly true, as it can reveal longer and more difficult than expected. This is why we highly recommend you to read this guide before starting it or in case you are in trouble.

Destiny: The Taken King Petra Guide

You can get the mission right from Petra on the Reef. Go collecting Fallen Ether as a first objective and don't forget you will be facing level 40 enemies, so equip well and bring some friends with you if needed.

As second objective, you will have to get Blighted Ether which is gotten from Fallen. This is pretty easy, as you might get the materials you need in the story quests or even in the Fallen Champions fight.

Two more objectives are harder to beat, as you will have to face two Taken Champions and find the Curious Object. As they roam around the area, it could be difficult to find them, so stay at the The Divide and wait for them to come – be patient, this could take a while.

The Taken Champion and the unit spawning around him will have the Curious Object, even though you will have to do it twice to complete the mission. On Venus it will be really helpful to go to the Ishtar Cliffs in order to find The Taken, but you will find spawn spots also on the Shattered Coast.

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