Destiny: The Taken King: Here's List Of All 105 Quests

Destiny: The Taken King

Destiny: The Taken King is massive and players are loving it to the T. Bungie has added ton of interesting things in The Taken King which will keep Destiny community busy for a long time. To give you a glimpse of what all things you can do in Destiny: The Taken King, here is a full list of 105 Quests with their steps and rewards.

Destiny: The Taken King Quests List

The Taken King Quests

  • A Broken Will
  • A Sword Reforged
  • Blighted Worlds
  • The Court of Oryx
  • The Road to King's Fall
  • The Taken War: Earth
  • The Taken War: Mars
  • The Taken War: Venus

Misc Quests

  • Against the Hive
  • Fruit of the Garden
  • House of Wolves
  • Nothing Left but the Fall
  • Successor to the Throne
  • The Dark Below
  • The Legion's Beachhead
  • The Taken King
  • The Wolves of Mars

Exotic Quests

  • A Sword Reforged
  • A Sword Reforged
  • A Sword Reforged
  • Classified
  • Hunger Pangs
  • Hunger Pangs
  • Hunger Pangs
  • Jolly Holliday
  • Shattered Past
  • The Old Hunger

Hunter Quests

  • A Hunter Rises
  • Draw from the Void
  • Just a Handful of Bullets
  • Legend of the Hunter
  • Legend of the Hunter
  • Path of the Bladedancer
  • Path of the Gunslinger
  • Sheathed Lightning
  • The Nightstalker's Trail

Warlock Quests

  • A Song For the Sun
  • A Warlock Rises
  • Fulminator
  • Legend of the Warlock
  • Legend of the Warlock
  • Path of the Sunsinger
  • Path of the Voidwalker
  • The Stormcaller's Path
  • Voidmaster

Titan Quests

  • A Titan Rises
  • Armored Void
  • Flameforged
  • Legend of the Titan
  • Legend of the Titan
  • Path of the Defender
  • Path of the Striker
  • Striking Fist
  • The Sunbreakers' Challenge

Gunsmith Quests

  • Back in the Saddle
  • Back in the Saddle
  • Back in the Saddle
  • Back in the Saddle
  • Back in the Saddle
  • Back in the Saddle
  • Imprecation

Queens Quests Massive Spoilers

  • Lost and Found
  • The Taken War: Petra

Crucible Quests

  • Break the Ceiling
  • Conquer the Day
  • Crucible Combat
  • Crucible Forged
  • Factions
  • Impress Lord Shaxx
  • The Mountaintop
  • Trials Practice
  • Weapon Master

Vanguard Quests

  • A Cry for Help
  • Bounty Hunter
  • High-Value Targets
  • Neverending Battle
  • Patrols 101
  • The Vanguard's Hand
  • Veteran's Tour

Future War Cult Quests

  • Champion of the Cult
  • Classified

New Monarchy Quests

  • The Executor's Champion

Dead Orbit Quests

  • The Arach's Champion

Shipwright Quests

  • A Nod from Cayde
  • Make the Vanguard Smile

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