Destiny: The Taken King Guide: How To Get Warlock Subclass Specific Fusion Rifle

Destiny: The Taken King Warlock Specific Fusion Rifle

If you want to have a chance to get this in Destiny: The Taken King, then follow these simple steps that explain you how to get Warlock subclass specific Fusion Rifle. It's not that hard and you won't need more than five tips. Let's take a look at them.

Destiny: The Taken King Warlock Specific Fusion Rifle

Step 1:
Randomly get a mission item, that one that gives you 200 Gunsmith rep.

Step 2:
Level up to Rank 2 in the Gunsmith. Do this simply because Nightfall buff last week make it rank 1 and 60 points, plus 1250 for guns, and 200 for the Mission item.

Step 3:
Get the Back in the Saddle quest.

Step 4:
Now you need to dismantle rare or legendary fusions. This will award you 5 points out of the total 10 for each. 1 point for rare fusions.

Step 5:
Then, this gun was the only option available for quest final rewards.

Really simple, isn't it? Let us know in the comments section below if this worked on your copy of Destiny: The Taken King, of course.

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