How To Get Destiny: The Taken King Fall Raid Hidden Chest Location At Jumping Puzzle, Rewards Revealed

Destiny: The Taken King Hidden Chest Location In Fall Raid

The rumor that there is a hidden chest location at Jumping Puzzle in Destiny: The Taken King's Fall Raid is true. Just after beating Golgoroth, players have to mess around in the area where they have to jump along the walls to get to the next boss fight. This is where Destiny players will come across this hidden chest location.

Destiny: The Taken King Hidden Chest Location Fall Raid

Reddit user "KaiFENRIR" has shared two interesting videos of getting to this Hidden Chest location. First one is a normal way to get to the chest and the second one is a Bladedancer version of getting to the chest. You can check out both video footage below.

The reward of this chest is: "Special Ammo Synthesis X2, Heavy Ammo Synthesis x2, Mote of Light x1, Wormspore x4 and Moldering Shard x2".

Destiny: The Taken King DLC is out now on PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. Are you guys enjoying year two of Destiny? Share your impression with us in the comment section below.

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