MGS V: The Phantom Pain - How to add Custom Music at the Chopper's Arrival

MGS V: The Phantom Pain

Are you Bored of the same boring music for you chopper when it arrives? With this Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom pain guide, you will enable the custom arrival music for you chopper. So every time your chopper arrives you will hear the custom music you have set.

MGS V: The Phantom Pain

How to Set the Custom Music?

You can now set the custom music for your Chopper. So every time the chopper comes to pick up or drop off on some place you will hear this custom music. Just follow the Quick Steps below to set the Custom Music.

Step 1:
Open iDroid

Step 2:
Go To Missions Tab

Step 3:
Select Cassette Tapes

Step 4:
Select the Music you want to use from the list

Step 5:
On the bottom, it will tell you which key to press to "Set Helicopter Music"

If you have any doubt you can always shoot them below in the comments section. ENJOY!

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