FIFA 16 Guide: How to improve Defense Possession


Preparing your Best Defense is on of the way to win matches in FIFA 16. Understanding the correct tackle to use and know when to sprint are two essential in limiting goal-scoring opportunities for your opponent in the game. Various techniques like jockey, push/pull, and slide tackling always helps against the toughest players. This guide will help you understand the basic and advanced defending tactics to improve your defense possession.


In order to improve your Defense tactics, you must focus on the below 4 main Moves. Learn this Moves and I am sure you will be at your best defense.

Defense Possession 
It's not about holding the ball in the backfield, but you got options like swing it to the other center-back or the full-back. Must try a nice Ground Driven Pass which is (RS + X) for PlayStation and (RB + A) for XBOX One. EA has definitely have improved the power, skills, and the requirement. A strong defender is just as influential on a match as an attacker.

Switching the Pitch is much needed to be a best Defensive Teams. EA has built the First touch control which is more difficult for the aerial switches. So you are forced to switch the pitch during the lower ground pass. Try the First Touch tutorial and practice for the ground passes often. The best defenders are excel at both standing and sliding tackles.

Target Men
Target Men is when you want to hit the striker for a wall pass always use te ground driven pass otherwise the center-backs will stand right in front of them. In FIFA 16 all the players and AI's have given good position and they do not make any mistakes(Manually driven). And if you give anyway the ball in the middle pitch then you'll have to get ready for instant counter attacks. Know when and where to deploy these tactics is key to keeping defensive shape and winning one-on-one battles. 

Alternative Method
This is one of the most enjoyable parts, whenever you're going to use the Counter-Top try the driven ground pass instead of the Y button on the XBOX and Triangle on the PlayStation. Keep marking his feet and when you hit their feet they have a great first touch provided they take a hit on the goal is powerful. Be aware of players who excel in these situations. Enjoy.

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