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Rugby League Live 3

Rugby League Live 3 is a sports game and part of the Rugby league series. It is now available for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The Game has enhanced its feature with Career Mode that has the ability to control a new star, rookie or if you create a new player. Rugby League Live 3 also features over 100 teams for the Rugby League Competition around the world. Here is the Beginners Guide for our all Rugby League Live 3 players.

Rugby League Live 3

If you are new to Rugby League then playing it for the first time might be a bit daunting and you just need to know the few basic but important concepts which will improve you gameplay. With these concepts, there are also few tips which will make you game a lot easier so do follow it step by step.

Complete Your Set of Six
Starting with the attack and tackle, you have 6 chances to score when you are on attack whereupon the 6 tackle, you need to pass the ball to the other team. If you notice you'll hear the Ref shout 'Tackle X' where X is the number of tackle you have used. For Example, choose to use the first two tackle counts to gain meters through your Forwards (Big Men/Fat Blokes). Considering the opposing team to retreat 10 meters after every tackle, that means you can gain at least 7 to 8 meters on each tackle. Now use Tackle 3 and 4 to attack the opposing line with your backs (Speedy Delicate Lads). 

Tackle 5 is the most important tackle count because this is the last chance for you to attack before turning back the ball over after you being tackled. Tackle 5 involves your Play maker to kick the ball upfield so if your planning to use this tackle then make sure to score it otherwise the opponent will get a great field position.

Tip: The opposing team will retreat 10 meters on each tackle you potentially can gain at least 50 meters per set if you complete.

Plan your Set
Don't always aim to score a Try off in every set. I have seen a lot of players have the habit to score every time they get into possession, which is obvious, but you also need to plan your Sets and then perform. Let's take an example that you received a kick off and start from 10 or 20 meter line it will be extreme rare case that you might score so if you have a start like this you will turn over the ball and will cause a massive loss of stamina for your team.

For a Kick off you should plan to field position and you main goal should be to get a good kick and not to only score. Check out the Blueprint below for such set.

  • Tackle 1: Start the 10-meter line with your initial tackle off the kickoff.
  • Tackle 2: Click and Hold the Right Analog to make one of your Forwards to perform a hit up.
  • Tackle 3: Where the player receives the ball after the tackle you need to run away from dummy half to gain easy meters.
  • Tackle 4: To make some more meters use one of your Backs to attack the line with a fend or side step.
  • Tackle 5: Finally, Punt the ball into space in the opposing teams half  and make sure to chase it.

If you follow such practice then you will probably get the other team to begin their set within their 20 meter line so you should be ready with your defense as they don't get good meters and start with better field position to plan you attack. 

Plan your Attacks
Your Attacks should always be on the free space and not the player. Every time you start you run the AI will try to set up a brick wall of defenders to stop you. This will look extremely difficult to break but his is not always the case and you need to find a gap/free space where you'll attack.

For Example, you are starting your run, quickly start searching for free space rather than just sprinting to score. After the first successful wind/defense, you have to be careful at the second row. The gaps will not always be the same place so they will be there somehow do focus and exploit them.

Plan Your Kicks
You will have four kicks at your disposal to help you, it's better to learn to tackle the kicks as Kicking is the most important aspect in Rugby League. The Four Kicks are the Punt which is the Toe Kick, the Bomb which will be Up and Under for RU fans, the Grubber, and the Chip kick. Each kick can be used to score off or to put yourself in the better field. So plan your kick and use them to vital making a better and a positive play.

Punt Kick
Most commonly used kick in Rugby League is the Punt Kick. It is an easy kick where you know when to stop and where to use. Majorly used to drive off the opposing team back deep in their own half. Firstly know how far your play maker can kick the ball and then you need to plan when you should change to offensive kicks. Like, for example, you are an opposing team's 30-meter line then you mustn't use the punt kick. So what to do with Punt kicks? Well, use them to get a 40/20 which is kicking from within your 40-yard line to behind the opposing team's 20-yard line, but it might give a fullback chance to counterattack.

Bomb Kick  
The Bomb kick is an offensive where you can staple kick to score on the opposing teams 10/20-yard line. Now Kick the ball as high and as far as possible to put pressure on a defender and the options here are straight forward the catch by catching it assuming when you land you can immediately score or 'patting' the ball back in a given direction for another player to pick up 

Note: Make sure the opposing team does not catch it and goes off to the races. 

If there is something else you would like to know, make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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