How To Get The 290 Attack Hand Cannon The First Curse In Destiny: The Taken King

First Curse In Destiny: The Taken King

Destiny fans have uncovered a new Exotic weapon called The First Curse. It's a hand cannon you can unlock only after completing a few quests, and also to access them you will need to have a Gunsmith rank of five. The weapon itself is built by Tex Mechanica, and has 290 Attack along with good perks like Dead eye, which gives a bonus to range, stability, and movement speed when aiming down its sights.

First Curse In Destiny: The Taken King

The First Curse includes precision kills while aiming down sights grant increased range and stability until the next reload, too. Here's a video from Planet Destiny for you to better understand how to unlock this weapon and if you really need it based on your playstyle.

The only way to begin the quest for The First Curse is to reach a rank 5 with Banshee-44, the Tower Gunsmith. Some players have reached this high rank already, though many have yet to come close.

The best way to make progress in rank is to complete all weapon testing each week, and hope to get lucky with mysterious relics that drop at random and award Gunsmith rep (speculated to be needed for Sleeper Simulant). Once you hit rank 5, Banshee with offer you the quest known as "Imprecation" and your search will start.


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