Destiny: The Taken King, How To Beat This Weeks' Court Of Oryx Tier 3 Boss: Kagoor

Destiny: The Taken King Kagoor

This week's Court of Oryx Tier 3 Boss is Kagoor, the same we found in the launch week of Destiny: The Taken King. Considering all the players have levelled up since that day, it should easier to beat her and bring that loot back home. Anyway, you should still need a hand in accomplish your mission, so here you have our guide to beat Kagoor, in case you forgot how to do it.

Destiny: The Taken King Kagoor

Kagoor is immune to all damage. The only way to temporarily drop her shields is to kill the yellow Ogre that she spawns on top of the platform with her.

Before you kill the Ogre, make sure all the adds are dead and your teammates revived, so you can attack with the full potential of your squad and without any external distraction. Killing Maleficent Eyes gives you a stacking buff called Ogre's Fury.

The buff increases your damage to Ogres, allowing you to kill Ogre adds and the Servite Ogre faster. Each Maleficent Eye kill grants one stack of the buff, the buff lasts seconds and stacks up to three times.

Don't worry if you're unable to kill her on this first phase, just head back to the bottom middle and repeat.

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