Star Wars Battlefront Beta - How to Rank up Quickly and Teamplay

Star Wars Battlefront Beta

Star Wars Battlefront Beta is now available and you will experience the all new reboot of the famed multiplayer franchise Star Wars. As a Beta, you will only have a glance of what to expect and what will the full game offers. So prepare yourself and here is how you will rank up quickly in Star Wars Battlefront Beta.

Star Wars Battlefront Beta

Make full use of the Beta version so that you get a full taste of what to expect next month. The Beta will Feature different modes and you need to rank up as fast as you can.

Walker Assault on Hoth:

Walker Assault is a Battle between the Rebels and The Empire. It will be an epic 40-player battle. So let's talk about both the teams.

If you've chosen to play as Rebels then better be ready to lose as the odds are very strong against you. For your information, this mode is specially created in favor of the Empire. The Empire will have the Upperhand from the start so they can strike back on you from the very beginning, but you can master this by leveling up quickly.

Equip ion weapon using your star card before you begin with the Battle. How to Win this battle? The First and most important thing you must understand is your cooperation with other teammates. Then focusing on the goal which is to defeat the Walkers, you need to destroy it before the Empire has, they have to launch an all-out-attack. Here the Only way possible is to capture and hold the checkpoint so that Y-Wings can easily launch few bombing runs in them.

Once you're clear till here then you need to bombard them using the ion weapon. To do so Hold down Y/Triangle to initiate it. Your teammates should be busy firing on the Walkers, and X-Wings should be bombing them to kingdom come.

Imperial Army:
If your not focused on the objective(Capture the checkpoint) then the game will directly turn into the Rebels favor leaving the Walkers incredibly vulnerable. Being and Imperial Soldier you can easily attack destructively as the death doesn't really matter to the Imperial Army as it does for the Rebels. A Rebel's Death can open doors to an Imperial infiltration due to the gaping holes whereas when an Imperial Soldier dies he can easily respawn and replace themselves as the attacker.

On the Map:
The map is very large and it's very difficult to avoid the fire of AT-ATs and AT-STs in open. So it's better to stick to the trenches for a being a rebel fighter. Make use of the Thermal Detonator to clear out the trenches and hold the control over the checkpoint. For The Empire, Side equips the Squad Shield and secure the uplink checkpoint. Now the only thing you should do is defend the location from the Walker attacks. 

Piloting AT-ST and a Snowspeeder will be a no big deal with the weapon system AT-AT. Whereas X-Wing, TIE Fighter, TIE Interceptor are best suited with dogfights. These vehicles come in too fast and are too sensitive to aim at such small targets from above. Focus on the balance and the speed when you increase you weapon accuracy as it is easier to lock-on and shoot down enemy aircraft. Unless you are skilled pilot do not waste time as this can be a disadvantage for your team. AT-STs are fun to play, and they can be incredibly useful tools in the fight against the Rebels if you use them well.

Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader:
If you get to play as one of Luke or Darth in a match then count yourself as the lucky once as its very rare to get one of those to play in Beta. Both are extremely powerful, as they can really turn the tide in your team’s favor. You need to find a nice balance between attack and defense and make sure you don't try to be a hear and take down everyone all at once. Protect your teammates first and lead the way towards the checkpoint.

Drop Zone on Sullust:

This is the most enjoyable mode where you need to escape, capture, protect and defend them from the enemies. 

On The Map
You should be happy nad take a direct advantage of the open number of vantage points. Every time you capture the pod, make sure you have a good lookout point to cover I from all the directions. The Most Important thing here will be the Communication with your teammates as there is n o point covering and facing all of them at the same area. Do not keep the pod open from enemies to snatch the checkpoint. So What to do? Just capture a checkpoint and choose a quarter of space to protect from the enemies.

Squad Shield places an important role to protect you and your teammates from capturing a pod. Place the Proximity Bombs in all direction to hold down the enemies in the tracks.

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