How To Get Luke And Darth Vader Characters In Star Wars: Battlefront

Star Wars: Battlefront

Luke and Darth Vader, two of the most iconic protagonists in the Star Wars universe, are two among the most requested playable characters in Star Wars Battlefront. With the open beta now online, it's time for you to learn how to get Luke and Darth Vader in the game, then… take a look at our tips below.

Star Wars: Battlefront

You have to search for something in Hoth, in order to unlock both of them. If you want Luke, you have to be on the Rebel Side, otherwise you'll have to join the dark sid for Darth Vader.

When you are playing on Hoth you should see some little power up icons scattered throughout the map. These are little, almost see through symbols that you can pick up with your character. Each of these will net you some sort of power up. One of these will be a Hero power up that you can use. You have to use these before the time runs out or else you lose them.

One good suggestion is to use those characters wisely: they can deliver a huge amount of damage to enemies, but they're pretty weak when it comes to defense. So if you run against five enemies, you'll bring down a couple of them, then will die. Value carefully if it is worth to act that way.

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