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Metal Gear Online

Metal Gear Online is now available for PS4 and Xbox One and here is the Ultimate Guide for MGS V: Metal Gear Online. This Ultimate guide will cover the Beginners tips and tricks, How each Character Class work, various mission types and the other tricks and cheats.

Metal Gear Online

The Beginners Tips and Tricks

Rearrange your Radio Commands:
You need to Edit and rearrange you Radio Commands in order to help you team with frequent communication. To Edit go to the options screen (hold down the left corner for PS4) and edit.

AutoMatch works Best:
AutoMatch gives you approximately 100 GP for a win and half of that for losing and also being matched with a run that will force you to disconnect. If you win then you get more points so better start working with you teammates more often. If you may or may not have noticed it in the tips screens it recommends using AutoMatch

Pop the Red Balloons:
In any match, your team will always be BLUE while the opposing team will always be RED. If you see any red balloon then you need to shoot that as means you soldier is being full toned. So whenever you see a red BALLOON just shoot it. 

Spam that Radio:
Whenever you're being hit or held up just keep pressing L1 to spam the radio with help and let your teammates know that you're in trouble.

Interrogate Before You Kill 
When you're near any opponent Hold R2 using CQC Choke to grab them. Use this to interrogate them first and reveal the location of their teammates.

Finalize you Character:
Just be sure that ou create and finish you customization at once because once you create a character then you cannot go back and edit. So just make sure you do it once and proper.

Make use of Wormholes:
Once you progress in the mission, Donna Burke will inform you that your "Wormhole is available". Use this to get a tactical advantage against your opponents. To use the wormhole, you need to holding right on your D-Pad and selecting the device at the bottom of the screen.

Don't be Heavy 
The weight-speed indicator at the top right part of your character customization screen shows that S is the fastest, while D is the slowest. So while customizing your character's equipment be careful. The Weight will strike a balance between effectiveness and mobility.

Always Look at the Radar:
You need to be vigilant and prepare to take the opponent down. The Red flash on radar means that there is an enemy nearby. 

Aim or Shoot Faster:
You should learn to shoot without aiming for close calls, especially on walkers, to look normally then aim which turns your character much faster. Go into the settings and change your camera change speed to 10. You'll go from normal view to aim much quicker.

Quick Reload:
Cancel the reload animation by hitting the quick weapon swap button and it will save your 1-2 seconds.

Walker Hijack?
When approaching a Walker gear from behind, press the CQC button to grab the pilot and knock her out. Now press the Action button to shank her and automatically climb into the Walker to operate it yourself.

Unmark the Marker:
If you're marked then make use of the cardboard box to remove it. Stay hidden in it a short time the marker gets transferred to the box. Now Use it as a decoy.

How each Character Class work

The Metal Gear Online is divided into 3 classes the Infiltrator, The Scout and The Enforcer. Each Class has its own distinct play style and as you progress in the game you level up and unlock new enhanced perks and weapons off course. Check the below classes and How each Character Class Work.

Scout Class Tips and Tricks

Enforcer Class Tips and Tricks

Infiltrator Class Tips and Tricks

Mission Types

Bounty Hunter:
In Bounty Hunter, you need to be quick and either let your teammate Fulton them or Fulton them yourself also do not shoot enemies who are clearly knocked unconscious. To decrease bounty points placed on you or your teammate, keep Fultoning the enemies. If your teammates are Fulton will award you the bounty points. So be quick and win the match.

Cloak and the Dagger:
You should Stop running around if you are DEFENDING the data discs instead start hunting for your targets. If you are on the defense and you do lose the data disc, then directly head towards the Drop Off Point, that's where they'll be taking those discs to make their point. Place Plush Traps and Fulton Cannons intelligently and always think from the enemies perspective. Try placing some stuffed animals near disc drop off points as the player will soon be inevitable to make their way and netting you those 200-400 extra points which can make the difference between a win and a loss.

If You are on the Offensive side, then try not to rush. Whenever someone from your team gets spotted, everyone loses their camo for a few seconds. Avoid grabbing the disc immediately, first see that the enemies are at a decent distance and then make your move. Once you have it, run for your life. Don't even try to engage if an opponent sees you, just run the other way. Camo is almost completely invisible in dense foliage so make use of it very wisely. As soon as you grab the disc, use the wormhole to disappear( the best trick I've ever used).

Note: Respawn mode is OFF so for every guy you take out will cut down a less dude for you to worry about. 

Comm Control
As you begin with the Mission, directly head towards the nearest comm link. If you're on the Assault side then do Remember for each comm link you capture, the data gets uploaded faster, but they can also decrease your chances of a faster upload if you don't refrain from camping out one comm link. Do not panic if you lose one, try to get it again.

After you've collected all the comm links, then you should now concentrate your efforts in defending the one farthest from your base. You can spawn near captured comm links, so use this to your advantage. The tactics are the same as for the Assault, but the only difference is that you need to stop the data from being uploaded until the time runs out. Keep Pushing the enemy forces back to slow down or completely halt the download.

Enforcers should keep away any capture attempts on the comm links, Infiltrators should take out any solo operatives trying to capture undefended locations, and Scouts should do their best to mark targets for the entire team. 

This was all about the Ultimate Starters Guide for the beginners. If you have anything to add do let us know via comments below.

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