List of All Heroes and their Abilities in Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront

Just After the Star Wars Battlefront Beta was ended, some crazy Star Wars Fan Studied the Beta Files till the Core End and pulled out some Valuables Information which we will be added in the Full Game of Star Wars Battlefront. So Here we have the List of all the 6 Heroes in Star Wars Battlefront with details.

Star Wars Battlefront

Note: There might be a Possibility of Changes in the Real game as these have been added/changed since the beta build was completed.

List of All Heroes in Star Wars Battlefront

Special Ability: Deflects blaster fire
Other Abilities:

  • Force Choke - Choke your enemies
  • Saber Throw - Throw your lightsaber at distant enemies
  • Light attack: Fast saber attacks
  • Heavy Attack: Strong, group attack

Special Ability: Deflects blaster fire 
Other Abilities:

  • Force Push - push your enemies away
  • Saber Rush - Charge distant enemies
  • Light attack: Fast saber attacks
  • Heavy Attack: Strong, group attack

Special Ability: Chain Lightning - Powerful lightning attack
Other Abilities:

  • Deflects blaster fire
  • Imperial resources - Drop powers to your followers
  • Force Dash - Quickly leap to escape cornering
  • Force lightning - Harness the power of the Dark side
  • Mind trick - Outwit your enemies, reveal your true location
  • Shock Troopers can spawn on you

Special Ability: Shoulder charge
Other Abilities:

  • Dash attack - Lucky shot
  • Charge-up - Good vs. vehicles
  • Six shooters/Hair Trigger - Pull trigger as fast as you can
  • Combat roll - Dodges incoming fire

Special Ability: Jetpack - Hold to fly but monitor fuel level!
Other Abilities:

  • Rocket Barrage - Launch a rocket at your foes
  • Flame pack - A powerful burst of flame

Special Ability: Trooper Bane - One shot most enemies for limited time
Other Abilities:

  • Supply drop - Help your allies with special powers
  • Enhanced shield - Set up a shield to protect allies
  • Combat roll - Dodge incoming fire
  • Alderaan Honor Guard can start on you

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