GTA V: Here's How You Can Try Out Customized Lowriders In Creator Mode Without Paying For It

GTA V Lowriders In Creator Mode

Many Grand Theft Auto V players are complaining about now getting access to the Lowriders in single-player and wanting to try it out before buying. Well, an interesting tip has been discovered which allows GTA V players to try out the customized lowriders in Creator mode without buying them.

GTA V Lowriders In Creator Mode

In Creator mode, these new custom lowriders can be placed like any other vehicle. You will find them in the Muscle category, apart from the Primo, which is placed in the Sedans category. All you need to do is put them in a Deathmatch, Capture or LTS and start a test run. You will be required to put some basic parameters such as Starting Points first and then. I recommend you guys go for A Capture because there won't be any enemy AIs and you can test drive around in the cars as per your leisure.

These are the Upgraded "Custom" versions, although you can't put any performance mods on them or other customizations. They are pre-upgraded with the highest level hydraulics,  This is the best possible way to get a feel of the car from the Lowriders before you spend off a ton of your money on it. So why not give it a try.


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