Sequence 8 - Fun and Games: Assassin's Creed Syndicate Walkthrough

Assassin's Creed: Syndicate

After Kidnapping Starrick's 3 Henchmen now it's time to end Starrick's one of the factories by blowing it out, something happened between Jacob and Roth. Let's check the third part of Sequence 8: Fun and Games. 

Assassin's Creed: Syndicate

Jacob and Roth decided to visit one of Starrick's workshop where he builds arms and ammunition for his arms. Follow Roth and he decides to blow the entire Workshop with dynamites.

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You need to Rig the workshop with dynamites. There are four places to place the dynamites and there is also a side objective to avoid killing while placing the dynamites.

assassin-creed-syndicate-sequence8-part3-5.jpg   assassin-creed-syndicate-sequence8-part3-6.jpg   assassin-creed-syndicate-sequence8-part3-7.jpg   assassin-creed-syndicate-sequence8-part3-8.jpg

After Placing the Dynamites, head back to Roth were he will order to blow the factory up and you stop it because you see children are working inside the workshop. Now you need to rescue them and the thugs will block you. You have only 3 minutes to save the children.

assassin-creed-syndicate-sequence8-part3-9.jpg   assassin-creed-syndicate-sequence8-part3-10.jpg   assassin-creed-syndicate-sequence8-part3-11.jpg   assassin-creed-syndicate-sequence8-part3-12.jpg

Once you have saved the children, you'll receive a parcel from Mr. Roth, an invitation to his party(dead crow), he wants to end this once and for all. This Ends the third part of Sequence 8: Fun and Games.

assassin-creed-syndicate-sequence8-part3-13.jpg   assassin-creed-syndicate-sequence8-part3-14.jpg   assassin-creed-syndicate-sequence8-part3-15.jpg   assassin-creed-syndicate-sequence8-part3-16.jpg

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