Mission 2 - Blue Team: Halo 5 Guardians Guide

Halo 5: Guardians

After taking a hands on the Fireteam Osiris and controlling Spartan Locke in Mission 1, it's time to check what the Blue Team is up to which is led by none other than Master Chief. You will be switching back and forth between the Blue Team and the Fireteam during various missions, but eventually it's all going to end together. Let's check out the Blue Team is Mission 2.

Halo 5: Guardians

Once the cutscene is over, you'll arrive on the ONI station, explore the area. Take a right and then a Left to get to the door then keep moving forward until you reach another door on the left. As you enter you will be attacked by the Grunts.Take them down by your fighting strategy, we used a stealthy mode, sneak up and take them down with ease. 

Head to the right door and keep moving until you notice a red square located in the front, go ahead and pick up the intel. If you have a problem searching for it then hit on your D-pad to locate. Keep Eliminating the foes to reach out to the Data Center. Hit the Panel to open the door for the data banks and head to the door at the right, Take the elevator to go to the lower level Central Control.

You need to use the Spartan charge to get through the Metal shutter door. After dealing with few more foes, look at your right for the weapon refill. Now moving forward few more Grunts and Covenant foes are waiting for us. Climb up as higher as you can and target each of them down. You'll use the Hydra launcher to target the enemies from a range.

Then moving to the Central Control a hunter will appear and smash the Bridge, you'll have a huge fall and a cutscene begin. After the cutscene, you'll again join the Blue Team and enter the dark tunnels. Focus on your D-pad for the red indication for enemies nearby. As you pass through the first door you'll encounter few suicide foes to headshot them as fast as you can.

After passing by several windows, you'll come across the a panel which will lead you to the Laboratory elevator. Use the elevator to get to the lower level and take down a couple of Hunters. Check the D-pad once done with the hunters.

Locate the cylinder marked as 'Override Junction', activate the cylinder and it will create a hole down to the next section. Use the Spartan Charge again to Ram the metal door. As you enter the room be prepared to fight with the Grunts, Jackals and Elites altogether. After Eliminating, these soldiers make your way towards the Control Room. 

Locate the reactor control panel on the left of the room to start the override sequence. Get in the center of the room which is the reactor platform to head to the lower level. Once you reach down you ned to shut down the cooling system within the station as soon as possible. Try locating the Banshee on the top of on platform and take the hell out of the enemies.

After defeating all the vent, locate the narrow passage, but you can only move forward on foot, so goodbye banshee. Heading towards the hanger bay with few foes are waiting for you, eliminate them all, launch the control panel again battle with few more foes which also includes a couple of Hunters. 

Once you've launched the Prowler, you are good to go. Move towards your ship and escape the area. Then a cutscene will begin and end of the Mission 2: Blue Team.

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