Mission 13 - Genesis: Halo 5 Guardians Guide

Halo 5: Guardians

The Fireteam successfully made their way to the Genesis, but how will they locate the Blue Team and Master Chief in this Forerunner World. Let's check out how the Fireteam manages to locate the Blue Team in Mission 13: Genesis.

Halo 5: Guardians

Now all you and the Fireteam need to get the hell out of the Guardian without any damage so activate the Mag boots to crawl towards the exit with ease. Keep jumping and run downwards until cutscene will start and you'll reach safely on the Genesis. 

After Landing, you'll try to contact Master Chief and he will tell you the location where to reach. So keep moving forward, as you reach the Elevator you will meet 031 - Exuberant Witness(digital character) who is in charge of monitoring Genesis installation and guide you throughout the mission.  

Exuberant will provide you with Scorpion, just mount over and move ahead. Keep Eliminating the foes on your way and try to get used to this heavy vehicle as on foot you will be dead as meat. You can also command your teammates to take over some of the enemies for you until you move ahead. Try keeping distance from the enemy so that you can take them easily. 

Use your D-pad to know if you're on the right track, once you reach a the end point Exuberant will open the door for you so that you keep moving towards the Gateway. The Gateway is nothing but the bridge between the Domain and the Genesis which will help Cortana to reborn into the Physical world.

Exuberant will create a Light bridge for you to come across and later get ready to face of Warden Eternal Again with a new form. After he vanishes again you need to continue your way to the Gateway. You'll come across few more Prometheans at the entrance so make sure you take them all out before you move ahead as Warden Eternal will again spawn there and strike to stop you from reaching the Gateway.

Note: Take time to regenerate your and team's health.

After Defeating Warden Eternal's new form, head towards the gateway and the cutscene will start and End of Mission 13: Genesis.

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