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CoD: Black Ops 3

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 have many different collectibles which are also well hidden in different maps of single player campaign. During your Story Missions you'll come across some unique objects, these are none other than the collectibles. Here are Locations for all 56 Collectibles in CoD: Black Ops 3.

CoD: Black Ops 3 

Single Player Campaign contains 11 Levels/Missions and each level has some collectibles hidden across the map. Whenever you come near these collectibles they will highlight in your mini-map. The collectibles do not have any unified look so you better stay focus nad look at every corner of the map. If you might have miss any collectibles you can replay that particular mission to grab them. After you grab all 56 collectibles it will unlock two achievements: Curator(20/Silver) and Walking Encyclopedia (20/ Bronze).

Mission 1: Black Ops (Total 5 Collectibles) 

NRC Comms Earpiece
After passing the plane wreckage, you'll enter a building. Go Upstairs on the second floor and Examine the reception desk, on the other side of that table you'll find the NRC Comms Earpiece.

In a dark corner of the camera, room look on the back wall for this Dud RPG.

Egyptian Army Cap
In the observation room, check on the shelf for the Egyptian Army Cap.

Replica Nano Drone
When you enter in VTOL hangar, there is room on the left side with the Nano Drone collectible on a dark shelf at the back of the room.

VTOL Panel
When you're about to board the APC check out the shelf at the back of the room, to locate the last collectible of this Mission.

Mission 2: New World (Total 5 Collectibles)

Defective Robot Hand
After destroying the generator, you need to enter a large room following Diaz. Now in this room look for a Vat in the middle where you see the pile of debris pouring out of the vat.

Bomb Detonator Cap
Once you're done eliminating the Robots with DNI offensive ability, head straight up from the escalator and you'll find the collectible on the floor.

Model Maglev Train
Examine the basement, check the work table near the robots which are pushing the car out of the subway.

Premium Liquor
After eliminating the enemies from the cinema you need to board on Zurich train(once again), but this time go to the bar in front of first docked robot to grab this collectible.

Train Pass
In the same train after the robots are eliminated, search for a staircase to go to the second level and last collectible is just waiting right in front of you.

Mission 3: In Darkness (Total 6 Collectibles)

Broken Respirator
Once you've eliminated the Warlord, you need to find the room with wooden drawers. Head inside and grab the first collectible from the shelf.

Urn With Incense Sticks
After the cargo crate, you'll notice a building in front where you must work through the river towards the building. On your way, you come across an area where you need to jump left to grab this little collectible.

Child’s Toy
Keep Following Hendricks in the flooded subway and keep looking for a park bench with a small toy over it.

Warlord Helmet
Search the back of Police station, where you head inside a room and check the closet to grab this collectible.

Fu Dog Figurine
Before activating Comms Relay link, you need to exit back of office building and start looking for the stair on the right. Climb up and jump to another building, climb to the top floor and grab this collectible.

Therapy Session Recording
To Grab, the last collectible of this mission you need to head Go upstairs just after Hendricks mentions about the blown doors. have a look on a wooden desk to the left in that room.

Mission 4: Provocation (Total 6 Collectibles)

Gangsta Bling
At that start of the Mission, first head towards the garage stall to the right after exiting the bar to grab this collectible.

Supertree Souvenir
Once you've disposed Warlord in the market area, head right of the market and look for the collectible on the table.

Dud Slave Collar
After jumping over Ravine, Head left and get inside the building, climb to the second floor and grab this collectible from the table.

Antique Vase
After eliminating Warlord, take right from the sealed doors, climb up on the second floor where you come across a blue crate, look at the right side of it for your next collectible.

The top floor of Biodome.

Bullet Shell Necklace
In the end, Head up from Tree 4 to Tree 5, and grab this collectible from the top of the crate.

Mission 5: Hypocenter (Total 6 Collectibles)

54i Data-Pad
As you Set out in Mission and about to fire on the village, first you need to head to upper arrival path and search for a tent with few crates. The collectible is right on these crates.

Contamination Test Kit
Head left towards the hallway in Coalescence building and you'll notice this collectible between the elevators.

Coalescence Marketing Material
After eliminating the robot who attacked Hendricks, head towards the dark side of that room and you will notice a table and the collectible on it.

Bio-Containment Canister
Once you discover C.I.A. symbol, you need to search in the dark which will take you another side of the wall that has the SP/CORVUS symbol.

E-Ink White Board
After cut-scene concludes search the back of the room to grab this collectible.

Prototype DNI Implant
After eliminating all of the robots, head the dark room where you'll encounter robots emerging from the water. Head right towards the room which has this collectible.

Mission 6: Vengeance (Total 4 Collectibles)

Damaged Optical Camo Cloak
At the start avoid following Hendricks and just head left alleyway and take another left where you come across a base of a doorway with this collectible.

RCXD Bomb Sniffer Robot
After destroying the tank, you need to jump over the wall(the same way the tank entered) and search for a swimming pool to grab this collectible.

Dragon Necklace
The Necklace is on the table next to a leather chair inside Burring room.

Bio-Luminescent Orchid
Head right of the Temple and near the plants you'll find this collectible.

Mission 7: Rise & Fall (Total 6 Collectibles)

NRC Helmet
After the cut-scene concludes, the first collectible is right in front of the desk.

Broken Stained Glass
Head up to escalator after the first war room to search huge server's back, the next collectible is located on the top of a desk.

Defiled NRC Propaganda Poster
As you enter the makeshift wall, Take the left door and find the collectible on the wall.

Military Officer’s Sword
After reinforcing Khalil’s troops at Safiya Square, you need to head inside the buildings and keep following until the very end where you climb up to the second floor and examine the small wooden bookcase which contains the collectible.

Piece of Broken Statue
Inside the large wooden circular room, check the table on the right.

Etched Glass Bottle
After destroying the A.S.P. –MLs, search this bottle on a table between the couches right of the wall.

Mission 8: Demon Within (Total 6 Collectibles)

Shell Casing
As you start to locate the Mobile Armory and keep moving straight until you see a sandbag bunker. Now check the other side of this sandbag bunker to grab this collectible.

Field Radio
Once you reach the area with 2 tough MG Nests ahead, check the crate on the left MG Nest.

Field Binoculars
once you eliminate the pair of wolves, take left and find the Dire Wolf encampment with the carte and collectible on it.

Russian Field Compass
On the second floor of the tall farmhouse.

Russian Hat
As you notice the blue light from a small house to the right which has the collectible inside.

Gramophone Record
You need to enter the same house which was bombed by the Tiger tank and at the back of the vinyl artifact is your last collectible for this mission.

Mission 9: Sand Castle (Total 2 Collectibles)

Just before you use the Access Panel, first head Downstairs and check the desk which has you first collectible of this mission.

Industrial Drill Bit
Head left after the second landing and on the other side of the stack you'll find this collectible on the ground.

Mission 10: Lotus Towers (Total 6 Collectibles)

After the landing, head inside the first shop and grab your collectible which is hanging on the wall.

Taylor’s Insignia
Open the third locker after hacking the console and check left to grab this one.

The area which is overlooking the fight with mech, go to the second floor and grab it.

Wall Hung Carpet
As you see Hendricks saying “Kane, we’re pursuing Taylor into tower two” you need to turn around and search the way you came. Keep Walking down the rubble until you see the carpet at the base.

Decorative Lantern
Search for the reddish room from where the Talons are arriving. Locate it and grab it.

Melted Robot Part
You need to search for a room with blown out a computer at the same time fighting with Mothership. In the same room, you will find your collectible.

Mission 11: Life (Total 4 Collectibles)

Coalescence Promo Poster
After the cutscene concludes, turn around and Grab it near the cafe with the poster.

Prototype Robot Part
When you hack console with Kane check the desk as well to grab this collectible.

Search for the ruin(near the building with 2 triangular windows), once you reach there you climb up of this building. From the second floor to a nearby balcony and from their head to the top floor nad grab this collectible.

Raven Feather
On your way out do check the behind Coalescence reception desk in the second room.

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