Black Ops III: Shadows Of Evil Ultimate Guide On Weapons, Perks, Power-Ups, Gobblegum, Levels and more

CoD: Black Ops 3

Shadows of Evil is one of the Map in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Zombie mode. In this Map, you can explore endless opportunities, be it Weapons, Transformations, Perks, Gobblegum or anything. This Ultimate guide will provide you details on each and every part of Shadows of Evil Map for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

CoD: Black Ops 3

Transformation into Beast

As you begin with this level you'll notice a purple torch on your left, go to the burning brazier and once you activate the torch you'll transform into a beast with all massive powers. You'll be allowed this power for a very limited time period so make maximum use of it.

You are twice as fast, powerful and destructive by nature in Beast mode so go ahead and didn't forget to inform your teammates that you are the beast and stop shooting you. After the time is up you return to a normal human mode with an explosive wave force that knocks back nearby enemies. 

Zombie Levels

You Profile Levels are different in Zombie Mode from Campaign or Multiplayer Mode. When you play in Zombie Mode you can unlock various stuff as you gain more experience and progress in the game.

Every time you kill any zombie you earn certain cash. This cash will allow you to buy weapons, unlock Gobblegum, Perk-a-cola and unlocking the door for further levels. Some Door can also be unlocked by powering the devices by electricity.

These are used to stop the zombies waves from specifying way like the doors, windows, jump out from murky water or crawl out of any other dark hole etc. So better start putting this barricades to slow down the flow of Zombie.

Zombie Waves
If you need to progress in the game you need to hunt down this Zombie one by one and stop running from them. The zombie waves get tougher and tougher as you keep killing and progress in their level so be prepared.

The Train
One and only means of Transport in this Morg City is the Train. You need Cash to use the train and travel across the city. It will help you travel fast in any of the Three districts.

Zombie Train
When you encounter Zombies in Train, according to me it becomes quite easier to kill them all as they will be in a large group and in a circular group as well so get ready and aim headshot for quick kills. Ask your teammates to join you in this session and take them all at once.

Zombie Time Please
Sometimes when you are not ready to take on the next level of Zombies and need some time to explore the city and gather some ammos you can keep the last zombie alive and preferably on the last stage as he won't be travelling fast.

Shadows of Evil Enemies

Parasites are the most notorious and dangerous enemies in the Shadows of Evil Map. They are small and fast at their attacks and they buy most of your time. The Only way to deal with such enemy is to appoint a Marksman in your team who will completely focus on the Parasites and Rest c an easily focus on the Zombies.

Insanity Elementals
The Suicide bombers of the Map, they are very quick and all they do is roll on you and denote themselves leaving a huge health loss for us. It's better to take them down from a distance and keep an Eagle Eye on such Enemies.

The most durable enemy are the Margwa as they cannot be beaten by just shooting them. You need to shoot the yellow glow inside their mouth in order to kill him. They best attack is the melee attack and they shake the ground while charging toward you, so better stay focused.


Weapons in Shadows of Evil Map is Endless you keep exploring the city and you 'll encounter so many weapons, attachments and upgrades for your weapons. Weapons can Be brought by playing zombie mode and earning money in the mode. As you keep playing the zombie mode, you'll progress in the Profile Level which will unlock many new Weapons, classes to customize and the ability for the attachments same as you do in the Multiplayer Mode.

To locate different weapons, you need to see the white outline of the weapon on the crates or walls, doors etc. These walls also help you to reload the ammo once your out of one. So whenever you are out of ammo during the battle locate the nearest weapon spawner and get it refilled or locate the Mystery Box. Now, what is a Mystery Box? They are the boxes which can be found in a different location across the city. Once you found it you have to pay the fee to open it and get extraordinary weapons from it.

Powers and Perks

You need to Enter into beast mode in order to locate the electrical junction boxes and activate the flow of Power. Once you activate the flow of Power you can use the attached machines as the remainder of the match.

Perks are a purchasable item and very useful to survive in Zombie Mode. You can only purchase 4 perks at a Time so choose them wisely:

Quick Revive
With this Perk, you get a free self-revive in solo-play once you're downed by the enemies.

Mule Kick
Allows you to carry 3 weapons

Widow's Wine
Allows your to transform a regular Frag Grenades into web grenades which will stick to your enemies and detonate and also destruct nearby enemies.

Double Tap Root Beer
Increase your Rate of Fire without increasing more Ammo Consumption

Jugger Nog
Allows you to take more damage from the Parasites and other enemies

Stamina Up
Increase you speed, moves and Sprint duration

Speed Cola
Decreases your reload time


Insta Kill
Kills enemies with one Shot

This is also a one shot kill but with huge effect so only use it when it's needed the most.

Max Ammo
Refills the team ammo from the weapons they carry

Instant Repairs for all the Barricades across the Map.

Double Points
Double your Score with every kill

Fire Scale
Marks the Mystery Box's location which are a temporary spawn at reduced price by 10 points and it's only available for 30 seconds.


A new type of Power-Up which has heavy strength with temporary benefits. They spawn in varieties and last a certain amount of real time depending on various situations.

Gobblegum Packs
You are allowed to configure the Gobblegum pack before starting with the Zombie Mode. They are five packs available in Gobblegum Menu so go ahead and experiment in different situations depending on your gameplay.

Gobblegum Vending Machines
You need to locate the Gobblegum Vending Machines in order to acquire the Gobblegum. These machines are well placed across the city and you need money to purchase the Gobblegum Power-ups. If you use it very fast then it will take offense and may out of order for some time.

  • Gobblegum Powers
  • Always Done Swiftly
  • Arms Grace
  • Coagulant
  • In Plain Sight
  • Stock Option
  • Impatient
  • Sword Flay
  • Anywhere But Here!
  • Danger Closest
  • Armamental Accomplishment
  • Firing On All Cylinders
  • Arsenal Accelerator
  • Lucky Crit
  • Now You See Me
  • Alchemical Antithesis

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