How To Level Up Fast - Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

CoD: Black Ops 3

As the Double XP release has been shut down, you need to level up the old fashioned way that is by playing the smarter way than the rest of the opponents. This Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Guide will help you to gain faster Experience and Level than normal gameplay.

CoD: Black Ops 3

Why do You need to Double your XP? Leveling up always helps to unlock various objectives, perks, weapons, specialist and many more. So If you want to unlock all this at an early stage you must play the game smarter way like the pro gamers. This Guide will only guide you with tips and trick, but your are the one who will be performing in the game so without any further ado, let's check the trips to gain faster XP.

Note: The Better you Weapons, the better you are will help you become a better player.

How to Rank up fast 

As you begin with the Black Ops 3, you're new to this area like everyone so go ahead and test your skill on the battle ground. The best way to to gain more XP is by completing the objectives in different game modes and that too on time. You need to Go through all the game mode to know which modes brings out the most XP.

Every player has its own different playing style: Stealth, Camp, Aggressive Players and many more. Select Which Battlefield is the best for you and the Weapons as well. Select the weapon which you are most handy and comfortable with, rest it all depends on your Skills.

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Hunt for the Mission Objectives first along with the skills. Try the Trap Mines which always works for me as I come to know where my enemies are and where they are gonna come from. In the Single player Mode, you can score the fastest XP with Kill confirmed which brings you 58 points per kill and 100 XP for confirming tags.

How We gain Faster Rank is we use the Submachine gun with Overdrive specialist which helps you with the kill confirmed and the tags and gain faster XP. If you try to kill and pick up the tags then you get 150 points straight. Players with ranged guns like snipers and campers you may not earn fast XP as the rest works. Here is the List of Kill Points:

  • Kill: 50 Points
  • Kill + pickup: 150 Points
  • Headshots: 100 + 100(Double XP)
  • Kill Confirmed: 58 Points
  • Confirmed tags: 100 Points

Challenges and Challenge Tiers

Challenges are divided into several categories which are called the Challenge Tiers. You need to complete the challenges as fast as possible, let's take for an example a challenge like the 'Bloodthirsty Killer' in which you need to kill 10 Bloodthirsty Killers and once you complete this challenge in the first tier you get 1000 XP. Then the second Tier you need to kill 25 Bloodthirsty killers which will award you 1500 XP and in the third tier for 50 Bloodthirsty Killers you get 2500 XP. We recommend completing the easy challenges to gain fastest XP. 

Note: Try using different weapons to know how each gun works in various levels.

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