Fallout 4: How To Find Fusion Core And Fat Man In First 60 Minutes

Fallout 4

Dominating the Wasteland requires a lot of time, skills and passion, and if you have started to play Fallout 4 you know what we mean. By the way, there are a few "workarounds" which we learnt by playing and navigating the Internet, and as we discovered it is possible to fasten that process.

Fallout 4

For example, you can get a Fusion Core (a set of power armor) and a Fat Man (a mini-nuke which grants you a huge power in the game) right in the first hour of gameplay. How's it possible? Take a look below.

From the starting point at Vault 111, head east until you find the Robotics Disposal Ground. In there you will find a Fusion Core and a Fat Man. Moreover, a bit southeast of that marker you will see a crashed Vertibird with a full set of T-45 Power Armor.

Don't forget that if you arrive at USAF Satellite Station Olivia you've gone too far, you should just take it as a point of reference while going to your final destination, the power armor.

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