Fallout 4 Guide: How To Make Raw Materials Out Of Junk

Fallout 4 Junk Guide

Junk is something which you won't ever miss while playing Fallout 4 and enjoying your long trip to Boston's wasteland. The good news with the latest Bethesda game is that you can actually make raw materials out of junk, and here's a short guide to explain you how is it possible.

Fallout 4 Junk Guide

Step 1
Go to your base, find the workshop, and use the 'Transfer' option.

Step 2
Look on the button legend at the bottom of the screen and press the button that takes all junk out of the workshop and puts it in your inventory.

Step 3
Exit the workshop and enjoy being over encumbered!

Step 4
Find a large flat surface inside your base (demolished houses work well for this).

Step 5
Open your Pip Boy and go to Inventory > Junk.

Step 6
Drop every piece of junk in your inventory on the floor (this bit takes a while).

Step 7
Once you've dropped everything, activate the workshop mode so you can dismantle stuff.

Step 8
Dismantle all of your junk which is now on the floor.

Raw materials coming from this operation will be automatically deposited into your workshop. Check out our full FALLOUT 4 WIKI PAGE for more how to guides, tips and tricks, collectibles location and many other things.

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