Fallout 4 Interactive Map Shows Location Of Enemy Resistance, Collectibles, Military Base, Hospitals & More

Fallout 4 Interactive Map

Fallout 4 is massive and there are a ton of things to explore, look for collectibles, ammo, weapons, power armor suits, hospital, fusion core, perk magazine and many other things. What if I tell you there is an impressive fan-made Fallout 4 Map already available giving out locations of everything you need to have in the game? Reddit user The_Mighty_Tspoon, came up with this amazing Fallout 4 map showing the location of almost everything (divided into three category: "Collectibles, Pickups, Other Locations").

Fallout 4 Interactive Map

Many of you might want to compare this fan-made map with the one IGN has uploaded on their website. The difference between the two I can give you here is that IGN map is missing a ton of information, and the map/icons are horribly low-res for some reason. You can take a look at this fan-made interactive map HERE.

Share your opinion on this fan-made map with us in the comment section below. For Fallout 4 PC gamers I have a simple tip, user console command "tmm 1", it will activate all the map markers.

As an added bonus, the map below is about "Fallout 4: Enemy Resistance" area (download it and view the details via ZOOM IN feature):


Also take a look at our Fallout 4 Wiki Page.

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