Fallout 4: List Of All Crafting Items And Most Common Objects They Are Found In

Fallout 4 Crafting

Crafting is one of the most important feature in Fallout 4. Many a times it become difficult for players to get details regarding crafting materials and what are the most common objects that can given them access to it. Thankfully, this issue has been resolved by a Fallout fan on Reddit named "ryz". In Google Doc, RYZ made a spreadsheet carrying all the details regarding crafting materials and the most common objects it can be found.

Fallout 4 Crafting

Check out the full details below, the number in the bracket represent amount of crafting material that can be found in the object, example: Suprathaw Antifreeze gives 4 Acid.

Acid (Common):

Found mainly in "Suprathaw Antifreeze (4), Abraxo Cleaner Industrial Grade (2), Abraxo Cleaner (1)"
Insect parts like bloatflies, bloodsuckers. Batteries also have acid.

Adhesive (Uncommon):

Found mainly in "Vegetable starch (5), Wonderglue (2), Duct Tape (1)"
Get a farm running and craft vegetable starch. Needed in many things. Economy Wonderglue gives 5.

Aluminium (Uncommon):

Found Mainly in "Aluminum Can (2), TV Dinner Tray"

Antiseptic (Common):

Found Mainly in "Abraxo Cleaner Industrial Grade (4), Abraxo Cleaner (2), Turpentine (2)"

Asbestos (Common):

Found Mainly in "Extinguisher (2), Rat Poison, Oven Mitt (1)"

Ballistic Fiber (Uncommon):

Found Mainly in "Military Grade Duct Tape (2), Military Ammo Bag (2)"
Also available in shipments at merchants.

Bone (Uncommon):

Found Mainly in "Skull (3), Bones"
Skulls, teeth from insects and animals.

Ceramic (Common):
Found mainly in Toilet Bowl (2), Dinner Plates, Cups, Mugs (Various)

Circuitry (Rare):
Found mainly in "Military-Grade Circuit Board (5), Sensor Module (5), Hot Plate (2)
Machine gun turrets. Telephones have some.

Cloth (Common):
Found mainly in Cigarette Carton (4), Pre-war money (1)
Raiders clothing. Sofas and cloth chairs as well as rugs.

Concrete (Uncommon):
Found mainly in Bag of Concrete, Concrete Blocks, Ruined House Big (15)
Hard to scavenge in large amounts, because of it's weight.

Copper (Uncommon):
Found mainly in Sensor Module (2), Power Relay Coil(2), Hot Plate, Fuse (1)
Various metal items. Broken light bulbs from scrapping lamp posts.

Cork (Common):
Found mainly in Antique globe, Baseball, Crystal Liquor Decanter (1)

Crystal (Uncommon):
Found mainly in Camera (2), Crystal Liquor Decanter (4), Magnifying Glass (2)

Fertiliser (Rare):
Found mainly in Bag of Fertiliser
Bag of fertiliser seems to be the only source.

Fiberglass (Common):
Abraxo Cleaner Industrial Grade (2), Abraxo Cleaner (1)
Weapons and Rat poison, as well as the 'shipment of fiberglass' item in merchants

You can check out the full Spreadsheet here.

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