Fallout 4 Glitch Allows Player To Have Unlimited Inventory Space With Companion, Working Details Inside

Fallout 4

Want to know how to get an unlimited inventory space in Fallout 4 for any of your companion? There is a simple glitch which provides Fallout 4 player an unlimited inventory space and this method is useful when the player discovers some amazing rare loot but due to some reason can carry more weight themselves or where you as a player don't want to burden yourself with heavy weapons.

Fallout 4

Here is how to activate this unlimited inventory space exploit in Fallout 4: Don't trade with your companion, command them to pick up the item for you. That's it. You won't overburdened companion with this trick. In another case, if your own inventory is full then just drop some heavy objects on the ground and command your companion to pick them up.

This trick will help you in getting all those deadly weapons you love into the war (Nuke Launchers, Rocket Launchers and others) without any worry about their weight.

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