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Star Wars: Battlefront

EA/DICE's Star Wars: Battlefront is already out on retail shelves worldwide. A lot of controversies is going around regarding the content Electronic Arts is offering in Star Wars: Battlefront and the $50 Season Pass (it will include 16 maps). But in this post I won't be talking about all these controversial stuff that are spoiling the successful launch of the game, instead I would rather talk about some neat tips and tricks that every Star Wars: Battlefront player should know about.

Star Wars: Battlefront

  • The player has an ability to cancel the Pulse Cannon shot after they have charged it by pressing the button for the card. If you have used R1 t pull out the Pulse Cannon, you can press R1 to cancel the shot. If you didn't like this then there is an alternate available for PS4 and Xbox One, you can HIT Y or TRIANGLE to switch back to your default weapon/GUN.
  • This is very important, there is a slight delay the moment you release the fire button to when it actually fires.
  • Sprinting makes you show up on radar
  • It will be helpful for you if you go for Players and not for AI in Fighter Squad. It will be a foolish thing to  waste abilities on AI.
  • The AI is always X-Wings and TIE Fighters. Any Interceptors or A-Wings are players.
  • Use Jump Up with Jet Pack to camp like a coward on the walkways beneath the landing platform on Endor
  • The easiest way to get upgrade points or credits in the game is to tail the hero starfighters. It will take a long time to kill, and you can turn this thing into your advantage but just dump shots into them for half a game. For every shot, you hit to starfighters you get points. In this way, you will be able to get thousands of credits and points. Please Note: the points earned via this method does not count towards the game objective AFAIK, which means you are taking a big risk of losing the game to get more level up points.
  • The easy way to take down AI is to use blasters. Don't waste your missiles on AI. Additionally, go for the powers up in fighters squadron.
  • What is the best you to get kills? shadow the hero ship and pick off anyone who tries to go after it.
  • Also, if you have the challenge to shoot down 15 Tie Fighters or something like that, the AI fighters in Fighter Squadron mode don't count, the only player kills.
  • If you aim is to win quickly then shoot down the AI, ignoring them under this condition will be a foolish thing.
  • With Rebel Ships, shield players can block everything besides lock-ons/collision damage
  • There is an auto lock ON on Boba's wrist rocket, although it is just the slight
  • It is possible for players to shoot down and explode Y-wing bombers even before they start launching their missiles at the AT-ATs. This cut short the time the rebels get to damage it. Sniper Rifles, Pulse Cannot and Cycler Rifle can do this.
  • Melee is a 1-hit kill if you hit the enemy in the back
  • The powered shot of Princess Leia is amazing, it has a capability of shooting through squad shields or persona shields.
  • The best activity you can use to outmaneuver the enemy is to slow your speed all the way down. Also, take some tight turns, this will make it easy for you to get behind the enemy that is pursuing you.
  • To avoid crashing while collecting power-ups items near the ground make sure you turn down your speed a bit.
  • While chasing an enemy, I recommend not to use the lock-on button until and unless you have a clear shot because as soon as the enemy hear that you have locked-on them they go into panic mode and start doing things that will make it harder for you to shoot them down. If you have already started the continuous missile attack on them and they are already panicking then keep pursuing and avoid lock-on. This will give them an impression that they have lost you and calm down. Hold on a bit and allow your lasers and missiles to recharge and then give them a sudden surprise.
  • It will be a foolish thing for you if you ignore the "Defend/Attack" objective portion. In this portion, you can get a lot of kills as everyone will be busy trying to shoot down or defend the objective. This is a golden chance for getting a lot of kills.
  • To attack the enemy from above, you can use the tie fighters speed boost to get high in the air vertically then loop back down
  • If you are being attacked and having problems shaking the enemy even after throttling your speed down and trying to loop around them, try and fly toward groups of your bros, they will usually help you out since whoever is pursuing you is probably not watching their 6
  • If you still finding it difficult to take down the enemy even after taking your speed down and trying to get behind them, then fly towards your group of friends, it is expected that they will help you out because the enemy which is pursuing you doesn't know about them.
  • If the enemy has locked on you and is not actively firing lasers then I recommend not to start doing the dodging activity, and instead wait for the missile then use it, otherwise there is a chance that it might be wasted.    
  • The Immelmann Turn in the Star Wars universe is called the Koiogran Turn
  • Vehicle tokens spawn in fixed locations, and only reappear after the vehicle is destroyed. You can see them on your User Interface through objects, but it's very faint and usually they spawn a fair distance away from the initial spawn.
  • The vehicle tokens spawn in fixed location, and they reappear after the vehicle is destroyed. The player can check them out on their UI via objects, however, it will appear very faint and spawning will happen away from the initial spawn.
  • There is hardly any advantage using ADS (Aim Down Sights). You walk slower so make sure you use ADS when you are lining up for a shot at extreme range and need the optics. Also, make sure you use from the hip. To make use of ADS, active third-person view perspective, this will give you a wider FOV and you will be able to see around corners.
  • You will come across a thing called "Uplinks" in Walker Assault. These uplinks can be turned on when playing as Rebels just by a press and hold "E" key. They are not automatically turned on.
  • In order to capture a capsule when playing Drop Zone, the player needs to actually hold "E" while standing next to the capsule. If you stand next to it, nothing will happen.
  • It is possible to upgrade star cards in for 7K credits
  • Fighters come with a set amount of power, and its usage is shared between many things like shields, boosts, speed and lasers. For example, your fighter goes faster than the damage will be weaker, the shield will be weaker and boost will be short. This is applicable in vice-versa when a fighter goes slow.
  • It is possible for you to swap the special abilities you discover on the map if you don't want the one you picked up. All you need to do is discover another ability mode and HOLD E to try out something different. On PS4 and Xbox One HOLD Square/X.
  • Instead of thermal detonator make use of impact grenades. Those are throwable at a longer distances without blowing up in the air. Also, enemies are not allowed to run away before blowing up. All you need to look after is that you are accurate with your throws.
  • Jawa Shotgun with Focus Fire card will shoot a slug-type shot, and that shot will be of very HIGH Damage
  • To eject in PC version of Star Wars: Battlefront, you have to HOLD "E" not just press it.
  • The weak spot of AT-ST is on the back of their heads and ATAT's weak spots are on their underbelly

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