Fallout 4 Ending: The Nuclear Option The Minutemen and With Our Powers Combined

Fallout 4

The Nuclear Option is the Act 3 of the game which totally depends on which faction you be Loyal with will the end. This Fallout 4 Guide will show you The Nuclear Option for The Minutemen and the story after this Quest. Without any further due let's check the Final conclusion with The Minutemen.

Fallout 4

The Nuclear Option The Minutemen

The quest will only trigger if you have stayed loyal to Minutemen faction and complete all the Essential quest. The Ending of this differs from the other two factions.


  • Gain access to The Institute
  • Activate Institute Relay
  • Reach Institute reactor
  • Plant fusion charge inside reactor
  • Use the Detonator


It's time to put an end to the Institute's journey and live with peace. First Speak with Preston and Sturges about the plan to infiltrate the Institute. The Data you provided them during your Essential Quest Inside Job will help them to find the location of an Institute teleporter.

Sturges will provide you with Institute Relay Targeting Sequence which can be used to insert in the terminal. Now travel to the east of Greentech Genetics near the river in Cambridge, but make sure you have Hazmat Suit or Power Armor ready to negate the radiation of the river. Swim towards the Public Works Maintenance area to activate the Keypad and open the gate of the Sewer.

Follow the white piper with arrows until you reach the terminal door, now either you hack it or pick lock it to pass through the door. Head to the open security door northeast of the first door and then go in to access the Institute. Use the targeting sequence to help relay terminal open and teleport Preston with some Minutemen in. 

Now drop down from the hatch to get inside the BioScience Lab, blast the door to get entrance for the reactor chamber. Now head towards the father's quarter via central elevator to obtain the password for the terminal. Once you obtain the password go to the Advanced System to enter the reactor chamber. Here get ready to take down few synths and scientists then continue accessing the reactor door to activate the housing.

Sturges will help you teleport to the Institute Relay Control Room, then speak with Preston and Sturges where they will mention a child nearby and you have two options:

  • Agree to save him and look after him
  • Say the child must stay

Now Teleport back to the Mass Fusion Building roof with Preston and Sturges, get ready to finish off the Institute with a press of that button. This Completes your mission by eliminating the Institute. Speak with Preston to conclude and continue your journey in the Wasteland with other misc Quests. 

With Our Powers Combined

You had given few of The Brotherhood of Steel hostile a chance to stand for you, but they counterattacked with a contingent so let's end this once and for all.


  • Build artillery in 5 Settlements
  • Launch artillery strike on The Prydwen
  • Destroy Prydwen
  • Defeat Brotherhood attack on The Castle


This Quest will only trigger if you had made Settlements with Brotherhood of Steel. Now Have a word with Preston Garvey and build artillery defenses, this includes man a piece of artillery in 5 different Settlements. Make sure you are prepared for the war with the Brotherhood of Steel(Again).

Speak with Minutemen radio operator after you have finished with the installment of the artillery. He will provide you with the  Order to Fire when the Brotherhood will counterattack with a contingent. Take them down and then speak with Preston to conclude the quest. You are now left with the Minutemen and the other misc quest. Also, Check out our other Fallout 4 Endings Here.

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