How to Dress Up Dogmeat, Codsworth, and Strong in Fallout 4

Fallout 4

The Wasteland in Fallout 4 is widespread and there are tons of items to be explored. many players have already found some special and unique item used to dress up you companion with a badass look. This Fallout 4 guide will provide you details on how and where to find the Special items used to dress up your Companion.

Fallout 4

Note: The Dog-Armor is just used to dress up, they do not have any protection value.

How to Dress Up Dogmeat/Codsworth and Strong

Step 1
Point Dogmeat or any companion then Press E(Command Menu) 


Step 2:
Go to the Trade Menu and Select the Apparel you want

Step 3:
Hover the Item you want your Companion to wear


Step 4:
Hit the Equip/Unequip Button(T)  

Step 5:
Done with the Dress Up

The method is same for every companion and you need to have new clothes, armor and weapon in the inventory in order to equip them. 

Where to Find the Special Items

Items For Dogmeat

The Collars are of different types like the normal collar, spiked collar or a chained collar. These are usually found on the Raiders Attack dogs. 


There is a variety of bandanas in the wasteland like green, gunner's camo, red, blue, leopard print or skull patterned and 90 percent can be found from the raider's dogs and rest from teh gunners in the City. The Bandana with star and stripes can be found in Monsignor Plaza. You need to search inside the clothes shop on the Shelves behind the cash register.


Dog Armor

Sadly these Armor don't provide any damage resistance. You can find them while clearing the fortified raider's dogs encampment.


Welding Goggles

These can be found in Workshops or any similar shops or while taking down the Raiders.


Usually on Raider's Attack Dog

Dog Helmet

This one is a bit tricky, you need to find a named dog near the fridge the same place where you started the Fridge Quest. 


Items For Codsworth


You find different hats while clearing the junk in Sanctuary. One of the hats that we equipped was the Bowler Hat.


Items For Strong

Super Mutant Armor

Strong is a bit picky with the Weapons, but when we tried equipping him the Super Mutant Armor Piece he accepted it. So we hunted some more Pieces from the Trinity Tower and few from Super Mutant Outpost and now he is perfectly ready to Showoff.

fallout4-strong-1.jpg fallout4-strong-2.jpg

Items For Other Companion

Other Companions are very free and you can almost give them anything like weapons, armors, clothes etc. Dress them funny like we did or else make them like rugged farmers or a militia.


All are possible with any side Companions. If you have anything to share or add in the Special items then feel free to comment Below.

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