How to Steal like Pro without getting caught in Fallout 4

Fallout 4

There are various different items and unique resources which belong to someone, but you are tempted to steal the item as you are in such a Need or hurry. Ther are chances that you might get caught and killed by the other Wastelander/Dweller. TO help you with Stealing we have this Pro Stealing Guide which will help you steal anything without getting caught in Fallout 4.

Fallout 4

Whenever you come across a new area or Building like every Fallout player you will like to investigate the area to have a look and check what's in there for you. There will be various resources, junks, scraps and rare items along with some items which belong to other people. 

The items which belong to other will have Name in RED whereas for other which you can pick up will have Name Marked White. If you try to Pick-up/steal someone's belongings and get caught then you might get killed in the Wasteland along with your reputation with the guy will be lost. So how to Steal someone's item without getting noticed?

How to Steal Like a Pro

If you try and follow the below procedure then you will learn to Steal like Pro and never get caught. Now just make sure you keep an eye on the Item you want to steal and just head towards it pick up the item without adding it to your Inventory. Just keep looking at the Item and go somewhere safe while you move make sure you crouch as it will keep you hidden. 

Once you get some safe place drop the item and then pick it up normally like other items. Now As you crouch which says 'Hidden' in the game helps you go unnoticed and thus not raise any suspicions and you manage to pick up the Item like a Pro. Now go out in Wasteland hunt to items and steal it like we showed you this way you can get what you desired without getting killed or spoiling any relationship. 

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