How to Earn Easy and Fast Copper and Bottlecaps in Fallout 4 Guide

Copper and Bottlecaps

Getting Copper and Bottlecaps can turn out to be a more like a mission in Fallout 4 as it will take you all day long to gather few Caps in exchange of the Wasteland junks, but with this Fallout 4 Tips and Tricks Guide where you will understand how to get copper and Bottlecaps in Diamond City, Goodneighbor and other parts of the Wasteland.

Copper and Bottlecaps

How to Get easy Copper

Copper in Diamond City

In the Diamond City, you can locate 'Arturo' in the Marketplace, but remember he can only be found during the daytime. Once you locate him he will sell Aluminum, Copper, Gear, and Screws. If you want some great collection then this is your place player. Also, try Aluminum to upgrade your Power Armor.


Copper in Goodneighbor

Same like Arturo in Diamond City Market you will find 'Kleo' in Goodneighbor who sells shipments of Ballistic Fiber, Copper, Lead and Oil. This is the place where you must visit more often to gain easy deal for your Junk you carry or the Bottlecaps.


How to Get easy Bottlecaps

Bottlecaps play very important role in the game as you need them in order to buy these copper shipments or other materials. How to get easy bottlecaps is the main question so here is the trick you need to gather certain resources and earn Bottlecaps in return. Without any further ado let's begin with the Process.



  • A Water pumps
  • A Generators


The Whole point of getting the Water Pumps and the Generator is that you need to purify the water in order to gain the Bottlecaps. Getting started with the Purifying you must need to get a place like the image shared below and then just wait for few minutes after a buttload of water pumps. Now Go to the workshop to see the purified water which can be sold to the Dwellers. 

fallout4-bottlecap-waterpump.jpg   fallout4-bottlecap-generator.jpg

Each Purified water can be sold for 9 Bottlecaps and you get 120 Purified water Bottles. So if I am not wrong you make 1080 Bottlecaps each time I sell it all. The most easiest and safest way to cook some Bottlecaps instead of hunting for it and get killed.

More Copper!

If you are running out of Copper or other materials then search for a chair or something where you can wait. Now wait here for exactly 24 hours for him to resupply the material. if he didn't resupplies then wait for more 2 Hours and see that the resupply will be completed.


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