Just Cause 3 Beginner's Guide: 41 Tips, Tricks and Cheats

Beginner's Guide

Rico Rodriguez is back with the brand new action and plans to help his Motherland 'Medici' in Just Cause 3. This is a very basic guide which will help the beginners with the game mechanics and how to play smart with all new vehicles and weapons especially with the game's key feature - The Grappling Hook. So without any further due let's begin with our Just Cause 3 Beginners Guide.

Beginner's Guide

This Guide is divided into 3 sections - Basic Gameplay, Vehicles/Traveling, and Weapons/Combat. By the end of this guide, you will start playing Just Cause 3 like a Pro provided you follow the following tips carefully.

Top Basic Gameplay Tips and Tricks

  • In the Early Game, you will have the ability to fast travel across the islands, but this requires tokens. The Fast Travel Tokens can be earned by completing the side events.
  • As the game  starts we recommend to first have a look to your Grappling Hook and the Wingsuit and try to get used to them and with your tricks try to master them. Take your time there is no rush in completing the game.
  • We recommend to use the Offline Mode of the Game until the next update as the online mode is a bit unstable and you may lose your savegame as well.
  • Talking about the supply drops from rebels also require tokens which can be collected from garages in Liberated town.
  • You are unable to see the areas which you haven't yet liberated or visited on the map, but if you would like to have a look on it then Go to map and zoom out then take the cursor on the province.
  • Hunting for some Collectibles? Look at the Question Marks '?' on your Map.
  • As you come across any collectibles you will start hearing a beep sound and a white bar with dots will appear. As you come more close to the collectible the frequency will increase.
  • In order to Liberate the Town you can see a different checklist of all the objectives and these will vary from town to town. For the start, you can shoot up a few speakers, taking down a statue, a VIP, some billboards, etc.
  • Liberating a Town also involves invading of Police Station where the main objective is to free them.
  • Fast Travel is Free within the Liberated Province.
  • To take down choppers, you can use your Grappling Hook to Tether then on the Ground then charge them with the attacks.
  • When you need to let the Rebels check in the Police Station, you need to open the gates which can be done by hacking the computer near the gate. By doing this, you will be vulnerable to enemies gunfire.
  • Try exploring the Challenges as completing these can help you earn the gears. The Gears are very useful to upgrade the weapons, vehicles, and other stuff. Also, you will well know to the new parts of the area and some quick hands on flying and grappling hook.
  • The Best Upgrades in Just Cause 3 is tat you have unlimited C4s so don't be stingy and throw all 3 at once. You can also unlock the 4 slot by upgrading your skill.
  • Try to Attach a C4 on a Goat and get ready to see something unique.
  • During the Mayhem Challenge, you must destroy objects as much as possible that to within the timer limit. Try destroying the large objects first.
  • Once you have any Skill unlocked remember to activate it from the Menu.
  • Skills like an extended time for a grenade to explode can also make easy if you try to deactivate the skills.
  • In order to earn 2000 points per circle in the wingsuit challenge, try hitting the red circle. 

Top Vehicles and Traveling Tips and Tricks

  • You can use the Garage in town to store vehicles and once you're stored any vehicle then they are available for delivery in teh Supply Drop.
  • You can Unlock a specific skill which can help you out with recognizing new vehicles for the garage. Once you come across any uncollected cars it will start beeping and the white dots same like the collectibles.
  • Not every vehicle is available to store at your garage. Some have to be unlocked from the army bases, completing missions and unlocking skills.
  • Earn new gears by completing the races and unlock new modes which will provide your car nitro boosts and many more. 
  • The Unlocked Garage might have several cars which you unlocked yet. So hang around near these garages.
  • By Discovering all 18 shrines, you are allowed unlimited fast travel.
  • If you fall in the Water somewhere in the middle of nowhere then look out for the Boats nearby and use you grappling hook to get over it and hijack it.
  • You must unlock all the Flying Skills in order to Boost your Parachute with Grappling hook by holding L2 and swing.
  • Traveling and exploring is Fun so explore the area to know more about the place and hidden towns and settlements.

Top Weapons and Combat Tips and Tricks

  • There are several different qualities of weapons in the Rebels Supply Drop and you must have hands on with every type so that you know which one is useful for different types of missions.
  • Try to Liberate Town by Town and complete all the Challenges of the town in order to earn extra gears which will help you with the weapon upgrades and modification.
  • During the Mission or chase if you ran out of Ammo and you need to hold enemies then try grappling and hook the object to other and thus holding it will hold them and eventually explodes by the collision.
  • Before you plan to invade the settlements or base and gain more heat try to hack the SAM turrets. This will help you to lower the attack via helicopters.
  • If you are taking to much damage just get the hell out of there via Grappling Hook.
  • The Police will not be triggered if you tether sound poles, but it will trigger them if you use the C4 on the Statue.
  • You will find fresh stock of weapons and grenades at the Police Station.
  • The best way to take the Snipers down is to bring the whole Watchtower Down.
  • Its betters to use the fire on an explosive than the individual soldiers near it.
  • Take the Solider first with the Grappling Hook who is trying to call the backup.
  • You must always focus your gunfire on the main objective instead of nearby enemies when your liberating a town or outpost.

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