Just Cause 3: How to change Language for PC

change Language for PC

Several Steam/PC players are confused with the Language change for Just Cause 3 as the default language is set to random. This Just Cause 3 Guide will provide you tips and tricks on how to change the Language in Steam. Simply Follow the Following Step-by-step process and get you language selected in no time.

change Language for PC

How to Change Language in Just Cause 3

Many Players have got mixed up with the Default language set by the game Just Cause 3. This Guide will provide the details on how to change the Language only for Steam Players. We recommend to do it slowly there is no rush and if any doubts then do let us know in the comments below.

Step 1:

Open Steam and 'Right-Click' on Just Cause 3

Step 2:

Select the 'Properties' section from the list.(Check the Image below)


Step 3:

Select 'Language' Tab from the Above 

Step 4:

Select the Language you want to set.(Check the Image below)


Step 5:

Congratulation! you have successfully completed the process.

Start teh Game and Enjoy. Also, have a look at our other Just Cause 3 Guides.

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