Fallout 4: Where to find the Hidden Locations Guide

Hidden Locations

There are various Hidden and Secret Locations in Fallout 4 you must visit and explore. These Hidden Locations in Fallout 4 are part of the game map and contain secrets rooms which are normally ignored by the players during their gameplay or missions. This Fallout 4 Location Guide will provide you with all the details with different Hidden Locations.

Hidden Locations

How to Locate all the Hidden Locations

We would like to inform that there are *SPOILERS* Ahead for those who have just started with the game. So you can continue with this guide at your own risk. Without any further ado, let's begin with our hunt for the Hidden Locations.

The Parking Garage Dungeon

This Dungeon is full of traps and obscene imagery, but the loot you get is worth your exploration. The Dungeon is west of the Milton General Hospital just next to the Parking Garage. The Place has 3 doors and is huge to explore.Check out the Map below to know the exact location. 


The Crazy Cat Cabin

This Cabin can be found south-east of Walden Pond. As you enter the Cabin you will notice that the walls are full of self-made adorable cat paintings. This place must be definitely home to a cat-lover. Must check the painting out they are truly awesome.



To the South of Walden Pond, you will notice this Car-henge. An extraordinary monument builds with destroyed cars. Enjoy taking a snapshot with this. 


The Rocket Shed

Looking at this shed, you will know that it was built by a pro wastelander with every possible resource inside such as pyrotechnics station, resting propane canisters on makeshift launchers aimed towards the Commonwealth. Must check this Shed out, it is northeast of Relay Tower 0BB-915, atop of the cliff.


The Crashed UFO

North of the ruins of Somerville you will find this crashed UFO. Alongside you will also find a road which look a bit through the woods. If you follow the path correctly then you will come across another hidden cave nearby which is good to explore.


Wreck of the FV ORCA

This looks like to a part of Easter Egg where you notice a large oceanic dead predator with a dead body. Looks similar to the ending of the Movies Jaws? or I am the only one thinking about it. Check the place/ship, it is north of the Salem Museum of Witchcraft.


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