Xenoblade Chronicles X: Combat Guide with Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Xenoblade Chronicles X is a very popular part of the Xeno series. The Battle between two aliens begins in the year 2054 where the Earth has been destroyed and your goal is to save the remaining humanity who were forced to evacuate in enormous interstellar ark ships. Here are the Basic Combat skills and Tips and Tricks for the Beginners.

Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Starting with the game can be very intimidating as you need to know and learn the new environment. One wrong decision and your game story can turn into a real mess. So here we have the Beginners guide to help you the basic things you must know before making any important decision.

Basic Combat

Defense is the first and foremost thing you must be focusing on as attacking depends on the player to player, but many a times they forget to protect themselves from the attack. So for the Defense, you need to keep moving the same way your enemy moves. It may hurt less or miss completely if you get out of its range.

Attacks are completely your choice, but just need to inform that you must take your time to check the arts' effect and think about the combos you need to perform which gives the most damage or effects. For example - Flame Grenade gets a damage boost if the enemy is toppled and then make your moves together. 

Always keep a check on your weapon and try using the strongest one(the best abilities). Don't forget to gear up after few battles.

You don't have to fight the battle till the very end. If you think you have 90% chances then stay and fight otherwise just try to escape via a route where your enemy can't follow you. It's completely ok if you think you can win the fight and escape. Just try to Jump into the water, jump off a cliff, climb somewhere they can't.

If you're into a fight with his friends nearby then just run away(slowly) until he follows you alone and then take him down one on one.

Different Classes

The Class Rank is shown below your Level. The Class is basically a way to define your fighting style: Arts, skills, weapons, everything related with battle and this goes up as you keep fighting. We all start with rifles and knife and then according to your rank its get distributed as per classes. 

The Distribution of classes starts from level 10. As you reach level 10 in your beginners class you can move to 1-3 new classes all of them with new arts, weapons, fighting styles, etc. 

From the set of Classes, you will move into a new 'tier' and each tier will get stronger and tough than the last. You are able to change the tier once you unlock the new one. 

Build your arts and skills on how to play with it and master them like the main class had multiple skills which provide you with bonus damage for attacking the enemy. 

Always look for the Skill synergy like the melee auto attacks with a random chance to heal and allow your weapon to cool down.

Focus on Upgrading the things once or twice arts/skills take 70 to 100 BP to get the last node while the fist one just takes 10 or less than 10.   

Basic Gameplay Tips and Tricks  

Improve your fast traveling by setting up some probes whenever possible. This will also help with locating the missions and during the mission to travel from point A to B.

Set your Probe to one to make some cash or Miranium. You also have a cap so do not set it to 30k when you  can only get 10k from it.

Mechanical is the most important skill to level as it helps you with getting more probe. 

Start finding all the items with stars as they provide you BP in the collectopedia and outside those there is no item that can fill up the other squares.

In order to gain a massive experience, you must be ready to kill an enemy higher than your level.

If you find it hard with the mission or the battle you can switch the time of the day and then try your luck. Some enemies are hostile during the day whereas some during the night this makes your gameplay easy.

Try Climbing the mountains or attacking from a different angle and then see what happens.

Skells Tips

If you are losing too much of skells during the combat then try pushing B during the prompt. This will trigger your Skells insurance and help you prevent the losing the skells during the combat.

Doing the missions are the best way to gain the funds and then afford the Skells.

Upgrade your Skells to such level by equipping high damage skills while fighting the low-level enemies you can finish them off within seconds. 

You can always get back your fuel through miranium, successful soul voices also replenish fuel. This always helps you with healing or maximize damage while binding an enemy.

Selecting weapons according to the battle requirements is most important. If you are facing a bunch of enemies then you must equip multiple target weapon or weapons with good skill upgrades. For example, a sword can do more damage against the mechs and cannon for low-level enemies with gives an appendage damage.

If you think you are losing the war then ask your allies to exit their skells as this can be handy and save some characters Skell.


If you want to change your character look regardless of what armor of weapons they equip then go to ground 'gear > character > X' and select your fashion gear.

Think twice before you make any upgrade to your Gear as they are an only finite number of upgrades.

Try using something with an open slot in order to make it more useful, but the only thing it lacks is a good piece of gear to put on if you can make really good augment. 

Keep an eye on the enemy drops, you might be lucky and get something awesome from the random drops.

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